Here’s How Skill Betting Allows Gamers To Make Money Gaming

Here’s How Skill Betting Allows Gamers To Make Money Gaming


It’s clear that gamers like to talk about how good they are at gaming. Whether it’s through in-game comms, outbursts on their favourite Discord channels or social media forums or screenshots and highlight clips plastered all over the internet, most gaming enthusiasts are happy to back their skills under the most intense of scenarios.

Unikrn is the world’s first esports wagering that gives players the chance to back themselves in their favourite titles and make money playing video games. Here’s how: is home to the best odds, offers and updates from the world of Esports and UMode is their unique player vs. house skill betting feature that utilises a Blockchain-powered backend and patent-pending technologies to  create a fun and immersive experience. This feature can only be found on Unikrn and is built entirely with a user’s experience in mind. 

Players who sign up to join in the fun with UMode can synch their personal Steam, Xbox, Playstation or accounts to a whole host of the world’s most competitive and popular games out in the community right now. Because it is player vs. house and relies on a user synching up their own accounts, rather than randomly choosing a game from a private server as some might expect, UMode guarantees a fair game and eliminates the chance of running into smurf accounts or hustlers. 

At the time of writing, UMode offers players the chance to back themselves in the following games: Fortnite and Fortnite: Arena, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo 5, Dota 2, PUBG and League of Legends. 

The way it works is that players will be presented with a challenge that the house lays out to them. These challenges can vary from something as simple as just straight up winning a ranked game, to something more specific such as planting or defusing a certain number of bombs. The challenges have been set up by individuals who live and breathe Esports, and allow players of all playstyles to ramp up the excitement and introduce a new dimension to the way they game. 

With the choice and variety in challenges, and the unique technologies to pair players into a game that matches their skill levels, Unikrn’s UMode is available to earn money from for newcomers to the competitive scene, just as much as it is for the Esports fanatics in the community. 

Offering the chance to invest wagers through the in-house Unikoin Gold currency, as well as real-world cash and a whole host of cryptocurrencies, Unikrn and UMode are fully supported with a range of structures designed to ensure only people of age can partake in the wagering, that their wagers are fully protected and is only available in regions where the feature is fully approved and registered.

Speaking about the launch of UMode, founder and CEO of Unikrn, Rahul Sood remarked:

“Unikrn is built by gamers and is striving to give fans a way to heighten gaming even more. Over years, our fans have begged us for a way to back their own games and make their matchmaking more interesting, and now we’ve developed a way to do so.”. 

Check out UMode and a whole host of other esports news, streams and betting markets over at 


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