Hedgehog Adventure: Perfectly Prickly iPhone Adventures!

Hedgehog Adventure: Perfectly Prickly iPhone Adventures!


Hedgehog Adventure iPhone App Review

Okay, so just when you thought the gaming world wasn’t big enough for another spikey-haird rodent, think again. hare has developed this lovely little game for all of us that remember the fun-filled adventures from those benevolent do-gooders like Sonic and Mario.

Your goal throughout this tiny hedgehog’s odyssey is to use your miraculous gymnastic abilities as a hedgehog to get to the end of each level, collecting as many strawberries as you can. With over 40 levels, you’re bound to enjoy yourself.

The app combines beautiful detail and scenery with east controls, and an addictive, timeless play style. As if that wasn’t enough to tempt you to part with your hard-earned £1.49, the game also features full Open Feint and Game Centre connectivity, so you can unlock achievements and compete against your friends.

Who knew a hedgehog’s life was so perilos – facing a tough trial of falling concrete columns, roaring flames, and even disappearing platforms – you’re never safe. We often threw the game aside as our dreams and hopes were torn asunder. But our frustration at our, rather ‘my’, ineptitude soon subsided as we scrambled to get our fix of delightful music and stunning scenery.

This game unites puzzle-solving trickiness, with a cute, adorable, sweet hedgehog, and we just can’t get enough. What we loved the most about this game was the seamless transition between the levels, combined with the nostalgic play-style; we were hooked.

This game is perfect for any member of the family, and it’s bound to be a hit with the kids. Get them off the Xbox and PS3, and get them on a good home-grown platformer, joining the likes of our favourite plumber in red, and perhaps the most famous blue hedgehog to ever exist.

The levels on this game are perfect for a two minute escape from the real world. You can pick it up at any point and continue the brain-teasing levels at your own pace, and the relatively short levels make for light-relief, in short bursts.

We loved this game so much, we think it deserves 5 stars. If you can find fault with this little hedgehog, then you’re simply heartless (or you’ve had a troubled past concerning said furry critters).

Let us know below if you’ve been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with this troubled hedgehog.


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