Charmer: Feel Good About Yourself

Charmer: Feel Good About Yourself


Charmer iPhone App Review
Daily dose of feel good.


  • Free app
  • 15 Alert tones with the paid upgrade
  • Set time for daily charm
  • Premium version is add free
  • Premium version gives you push notification when charm has been delivered
  • Share through email
  • Share through Twitter
  • Share through Facebook
  • Share through a text message


  • Free app is only good for 8 days then you are forced to purchase premium upgrade
  • Only default alert tone with free app


The app is very basic and simple. It’s clean and not cluttered, which I like. It does exactly what it set out to do, make you feel good (even if it’s only for a moment) every day. The Charmer gives you a new compliment every day. My compliment for the day, “You smell wonderful today!” Great. The charms are pretty basic and not too exciting, but could be just that simple thing someone needs.


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