Healthy U: Healthy Substitutes for Popular Meals

Healthy U: Healthy Substitutes for Popular Meals


Healthy U iPhone app Review

Now we’re over the obligatory ‘January detox’, it’s time to start planning the year ahead and for those of you who want to keep trim but don’t want to spend oodles of cash on a personal trainer, a healthy eating app might be the way forward. Now there are loads of them out at the moment, but Healthy U is one that has a fun, user-friendly interface and a pleasant way of suggesting meals, rather than dictating them to you in the way that other apps have a habit of doing.

Healthy U basically suggests healthy substitutes for popular meals, while listing the average nutritional information about each of the food stuffs. For instance, if you are in the mod for Fast Food and have a hankering for a Danish Pastry, (400 calories), the app ‘suggests’ an alternative list which includes my favourite healthy snack, an English Muffin, (150 Calories). The app also lists basic information about nutrition, serving sizes and sensible solutions to barriers that may be holding you back from achieving a healthy diet.

This isn’t the most complex or fully formed healthy eating app around, but its fun style and sensibility means that you can check it everyday with out the feeling of being overwhelmed or patronized…after all, who wants to be told off by their phone?!



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