7 Romantic iPhone apps for Valentines Day

7 Romantic iPhone apps for Valentines Day


Valentines Day: The Best Apps For Gifts, Ideas and Poems

Valentines Day is coming and unless you want to look cheap, unromantic and cliched, you’d better download some of these apps. None of them will replace, say, a diamond ring – but they will definitely show your thoughtful, creative side. And what’s more romantic than that?

1. iLove You in 50+ Languages! – App updated 29 January 2010, Price £0.59, Developed by Lingolook Publishing LLC iLoveYou in 50+ Languages! - Lingolook Publishing LLC

iLove You in 50 Languages iPhone App Review

Contrary to popular belief, it’s easy to say “I love you”. More difficult – and thus more loving – is to say it in 50 languages. Use this app to teach yourself the languages of love, and impress your valentine on holiday, in a fancy restaurant, or just on your own.

2. Love Songs – 100 greatest of All Time – App updated Oct 11, 2010, Price £1.19, Developed by Melodeo, Inc Love Songs — 100 Greatest of All Time - nuTsie

Love Songs  - 100 greatest of All Time iPhone App Review

Get into the Valentines mood with the 100 greatest love songs ever. There’s old classics like “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra, or modern hits like “iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. This app streams the songs from the net, and while it works over 3G, it’s best to make sure your valentines restaurant has proper wi-fi facilities.

Still, 100 songs for £1.19? That’s a bargain even without the romance.

3. Valentine’s Recipes #2 – App updated 11 February 2009, Price £1.19, Developed by Post Imagineering, Inc. Valentines Recipes #2 - Post Imagineering, Inc.

Valentines Recipes 2 iPhone App Review

If you’re going for a romantic evening in (and 60% of women want a home-cooked valentines meal), there’s no better app than Valetines Recipes 2.

While the first app was good, the sequel adds more meals, more romance and more decadence than ever before. It’s not the best presented app, but its the easiest one-stop shop for valentines meals.

4. iWrite: Love Poems – App updated Jul 27, 2010, Price £0.59, Developed by Joel Epstein iWrite: Love Poems - Joel Epstein

iWrite Love Poems iPhone App Review

Plenty of people say “I love you”, but how many say it in blank verse? Or in any form of metre? If you don’t know how to write poetry, or could just do with some tips, this is the app for you.

Poetry is romantic, and this app teaches you how to do it. There’s helpful tips, pre-saved love poems and a generator to create poetry on-the-fly, with little input from yourself. If your partner demands artistic romance, this is the perfect app.

5. Creative Romantic Ideas – App updated Jun 13, 2010, Price £0.59, Developed by In Business Solutions LLC Creative Romantic Ideas - In Business Solutions LLC

Creative Romantic Ideas iPhone App Review

Stuck for Valentines Day ideas? Download this. If you already know all the old cliches, this app can add a few new surprise balls for you and your partner. With suggestions ranging from personalised M&M’s to candlelit home paradises, you’ll definitely find something unique and engaging in here.

The app also sorts items by difficulty and cost, so whatever your time limit or budget, you can share the love this year.

6. Lovetricity – App updated Jan 19, 2011, Price £0.59, Developed by Splaysoft, LLC. Lovetricity (Your Valentines Day App) - Splaysoft, LLC.

Lovetricity iPhone App Review

Of course, all these gestures are pointless without love. And while you should probably know if you’re in love, this app can help anyone who is not quite sure.

Simply put your thumb on one side of the phone, your partner’s on the other, and the app will let you know if you’re Heaven Sent for each other, or on Life Support.

Be warned: a bad result could kill the mood.

7. iXplode – Valentine’s Day – App updated Jul 03, 2009, Price £0.59, Developed by SloMoPyro iXplode - Valentine's Day - SloMoPyro

iXplode – Valentines Day iPhone App Review

If you’re single, or just hate the commercialisation of romance, then this is for you. The app shows a series of romantic items, from heart-shaped boxes of chocolate to cuddly toys, blown to pieces in front of your very eyes. With this app, romance isn’t just dead – it’s blown apart.


  1. You should really check out Love Booth, which is a Valentines-themed Music and Dance Video eCard Maker where Cupid, Teddy Bear and Silly Heart dance to holiday card-inspired scenes and your favorite music.

    The way it works is that you add your own face, custom message, and in a click, you can share the scene as a video eCard, complete with music, with friends and loved ones, and that video can easily be posted to Facebook, YouTube and the like.

    FWIW, it’s built by the same folks who made Santa Dance, which was a Top 25 App over the holidays.

    I seriously dare you to not get a big smile on your face when you try it:

    App Store URL: http://itunes.apple.com/app/love-booth/id414583001?mt=8



  2. To be honest, I was hoping for an app that could scan my partner’s Facebook, automatically detect their likes and offer well-priced gift ideas. Next year, maybe.


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