Guitarism: It’s Air Guitar…With Sounds!

Guitarism: It’s Air Guitar…With Sounds!

Guitarism iPhone App Review
A Great Sounding Guitar In Your Pocket

Everyone has wanted to be able to play the guitar at some point, and I’m sure most of those people have actually tried (and sometimes failed). Well, whether you’ve weathered through the storm of blistered fingers or simply just resigned to playing air guitar every time you hear ‘Whisky In The Jar’: this app might just be for you.

Guitarism is a fun guitar app with a very simple-to-use interface. One half of the screen is made up of guitar strings while the other displays 6 chords, these can be changed by selecting the ‘chords’ option in the menu, you can flick through various keys and pitches and –for the more knowledgeable players- you can even edit each chord individually to create some particularly interesting combinations.

The developers of Guitarism seem to be focused on getting the point across that this is THE guitar app for using live. I find this very difficult to get my head around seeing as you can only have 6 chords selected at any one time and although you can pluck individual strings you are unable to play various notes. I feel this restricts song writing too much to be used to construct whole songs.

Pros: Easy to use and the sound is very realistic. You don’t need to be able to play the guitar to have fun with it.

Cons: It’s a great app to play around with but I really can’t see anyone being able to use this in a live situation. It would be nice if there was an electric guitar option.

This app is a fantastic tool for anyone who’s an accomplished guitarist and is looking for something to quickly try ideas out on. For those of you who are quite happy to play air guitar in your room: now you can play it with a bit of noise!


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