Stricken: Awesome Comic Book For iPhone And iPad

Stricken: Awesome Comic Book For iPhone And iPad


Stricken iPhone App Review

Note: Despite the company website stating “iPad” I was easily able to load and view on my iPhone with no problems. It was however, a bit small in print and there is no way to pinch and zoom. iTunes does state is for both.

Check out the YouTube official Stricken video:

Introduction: A novel set-up like no other. It’s so much more than text and graphics. There is a soundtrack that goes along with the novel, transporting you right into the book as if you were living in your own movie.


  • Awesome story board feel
  • Brilliant graphics
  • Has a comic feel
  • Soundtrack rocks
  • Get evolved in the story


  • When I got to Chapter 2 it gave me 3 options; Register Now, Main Menu, and Tell a Friend. No matter what I tapped, or how many times I tried to close and reopen the program, it appears to have gotten stuck and I can’t go any further. I can’t even go back to the beginning to replay.

Summary: Generally not one to read books on my iPhone, quite frankly it’s just too small. There was no way I was going to pass this one up. Being a freelance writer (more like a Jane of All Trades) and avid reader I just had to check this one out. After only making it through Chapter 1 and my pocketbook $4.99 lighter, I then began to wonder, will we have to pay for every chapter? Any why not let me back through Chapter 1 if I paid for it? That was a bummer.


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