Ghost Chicken: Pac Man-esque

Ghost Chicken: Pac Man-esque


Ghost Chicken iPhone App Review

Pac Man is an all time classic game and try as they might, game makers are all in search of something that can match such an original game. Sometimes these spin-offs are terrible and sometimes they’re zany enough to work and I’m pleased to say Ghost Chicken is an app of the latter category.

What you do is start at the top of the screen and through drawing a line for it to follow, the Ghost Chicken’s head follows your direction using its impossibly long neck. Along the way you must munch on all the seeds that are deployed in these tunnels. If you do this quickly, you’ll get a greater score than taking your sweet time. As you know, all games have an element of risk involved and this is where I introduce you to all the various creepy crawlies. These bugs will appear from different directions and should they touch any part of your extendable neck you will lose one of your three lives. However, chickens are rather partial to bugs and should you tackle one head-on, it’ll give you bonus points!

To keep your chicken’s head underground you must keep your finger on the screen at all times. Should you wish to pull your chicken’s head out (say, when you run into your own neck or a blocked passage) release the screen and it will wind its neck in.

Ultimately this game is a good distraction and although I would be lying if I could say it’s better than Pac Man, I can say it’s a nice twist on this underground style caper and it does all you’d want and more.


  • Simple old fashioned gaming fun
  • Good controls
  • Lots of levels
  • Four difficulty settings
  • Classic arcade action


  • The variety in the levels doesn’t seem that remarkable
  • Repetitive


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