Fara: Quest to Find your Way Home

Fara: Quest to Find your Way Home


Fara iPhone App Review

Do you enjoy quests? Do you like solving the odd puzzle? Do you like fighting monsters? Do you have a sense of humour? Do you like all of the above? Then you will certainly feel right at home playing Fara.

This app is a story driven game where there’s lots of mystery surrounding your character, what he’s doing on this strange island called Fara and just how he’s meant to make his way back home and remove a blue life form which has managed to attach itself to you and give you clues (and a hard time) along the way.

If you enjoy top down games like Zelda, then you’ll probably wonder at times which game you’re playing. The controls are meant to be simple; I say meant, as they do let you down at times. For example it’s way too easy to get stuck behind an object whilst taking the most direct route from A to B, unfortunately this is slow and painful to watch and makes it frustrating at times. Needless to say, when facing an enemy or trying to duck out of the way, you will possibly come unstuck at this point – potentially costing you your life.

Otherwise, controls are straight forward; i.e. double tap to interact with objects or people (attack), tap anywhere on the screen to (hopefully) go in that direction and swipe the screen to swiftly leap in that way.

Overall, this is a neat little game and other than the control issue which did make some elements of the exploration and quests a little more fiddly than they need be, it’s a top notch quest and one which would definitely keep you playing for quite a while.


  • Lots of little quests
  • Good sense of humour throughout
  • Nice balance between play and story


  • Controls or rather the character’s interaction with commands is not always straight forward
  • Some quests are a bit protracted


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