How to Finance Your New Tech Startup

How to Finance Your New Tech Startup


Are you planning to open up a tech business? One thing to know before you start is that you’re going to need to acquire enough capital. If you’ve already set up the money to spend on the start of your business, then you’re in luck as you’re going to find it much easier than someone who needs to find a way of financing their business from scratch. The bulk of the finances required are for renting an office or storage space, but you’ll also require furniture for the room, the right working equipment, money to pay for permits and…well the list goes on.

So what means can one use to finance their tech business?

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Get a loan from the bank or other creditors.

A bank is a great place to get capital to start your business, but it is not easy. In the old days, getting a bank loan was like a walk in the park, however, after having to weather a handful of financial crashes banks have changed and now only offer loans to companies that they view as reliable. Meaning you have to have some form of collateral, or, have an established business that you require additional capital to finance. This has made it particularly difficult for beginners to get loans from the bank, especially if they don’t have enough collateral to present to the bank to acquire the loan. In such a cases, you can choose other flexible ways of obtaining your capital like borrowing. Borrowing money is a flexible method as you can agree with the lender to be paid in instalments either on weekly or monthly terms. Click here to learn about another lender that can offer your starts up money with generous pay pack terms.

Trade your equity for the startup capital.

This is another excellent and reliable method that you can use to get your startup capital. If you want to start a tech company that deals with installing computer systems or designing the website and other services, you can trade your services with the company whereby you offer a free consultation or troubleshoot their operations and in return, you get the start-up money. Other methods that you can use are sharing your office space. If you have a large rented office space, then you can share some of it with another firm that has related services and get finances in return.

Discuss your idea with a potential client

Your business will be targeting a particular group of people, and therefore you can use some of these people to get your startup financed. Look for well-established customers and communicate your idea with them. If the customer finds that the business is going to benefit them, they would be much more willing to give you your startup capital. You can sign an agreement on what you’re going to be supplying the customer with once the business has developed.

Look for local angel investors group

These are some already established business gurus who are actually on the lookout for startup businesses to help and finance. Research about the local angel investors within your city and find someone who has a company related to what you want to venture in. Working with such a person would be of great benefit as they will be able to offer advice and guidance on how best to run your business.

Starting up a business can be challenging, especially if you don’t have enough startup capital to begin with. Follow the above guidelines to help you find a person or institution to offer you the financial boost that you need to make your business a success.


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