EssayShark: Making Mincemeat Of Deadlines

EssayShark: Making Mincemeat Of Deadlines



Do you fear those essay deadlines? They creep up on you oh-so-fast, without warning or mercy. One minute you’re there, enjoying your carefree student lifestyle, that aeronautics essay suppressed  away in the back of your mind. Then, a casual word from a friend brings the horror crashing in; that thing’s meant to be in tomorrow! What’s a student to do in that situation? Well, if this were twenty years earlier, you’d cue a caffeine-driven all-night frenzy of writing and a thrilling, Indiana-Jones-style rush to the deadline box. But as this is 2016, you do what most people do for many things in their lives these days; simply reach for your smartphone and boot up EssayShark.

EssayShark was established in 2009, and as well as being a wildly successful website, is now available for both iOS and Android. It’s the middleman for a very particular and useful service. If you have an essay that needs to be done, and you have neither the time and/or the inclination to see it through, then why not just pay someone else to do it? Seems straightforward doesn’t it? And maybe it’s not exactly fair, but who’s counting? Life ain’t fair sometimes. If EssayShark was around when I was breaking my back at my Accounting degree, maybe I would’ve actually passed the final exams and not had to return, cap in hand, to kick off a four-year Arts degree at twenty-nine-years-old.

But anyway, you don’t care about the trials and tribulations of Eric Compton’s lost years (trust me, there are many). You care about EssayShark, and how it can help improve your miserable student life. Well, trust me, it can. The basic set up goes like this; you log on to the app, fill in an order form, specifying all the details of the assignment you want completed, title, duration, deadlines, etc. Then, EssayShark will assign one of its many hundreds of professional writers to your project, and you’ll receive a finished version in your inbox, with plenty of time to spare.

Of course, you have to pay for this service, but the prices are fairly reasonable AND you only pay once you see the thing finished; there’s no pre-payment whatsoever. They start from $7.50 a page (so about 300 words), but that fee will obviously increase the sooner you want it. The experts are available any day of the week, 24/7, so if you have a maniacal lecturer who gives a sadistic deadline of Christmas day, for instance, you’ll still be able to make it with EssayShark. All in all, it’s a lifeline for students, one that they can trust and expect great results from. The service is quick, safe, affordable and professional; in other words, exactly the opposite of college itself.

Swim on over the App Store or Google Play and get chomping down on EssayShark for free today!