iPhone 7 and China

iPhone 7 and China



Apple has just launched its latest device, branded as iPhone 7. Many people are so excited about this product. Many are so excited to see what Apple tries to offer with this device, but not everyone is as excited as Apple thinks. People in China show good enough reason for this.

Are people in China interested in this product? Well, they certainly are. However, learning from their past experience with iPhone 6, it may not too soon for people in China to buy the latest iPhone 7, despite the slow economic growth there. And the reason is quite simple. There is not enough reason given by Apple for people in China to purchase their product. People in China are smart customers and unless they have good reason to purchase or use something, they will do nothing. They’ve been doing this strategy in many cases. One of them is when many people in China decided to play super nudge 6000, an opportunity to bring back much money without many efforts. 

Wang Yue, 23, a Beijing student said she was not in hurry to purchase an iPhone 7. For her, it is better to wait until she got a very valid proof that this latest device works as promised or else perhaps it’s not the best decision to purchase this device as of this moment. At the other side, some people even think that it’s best for them to wait until other people use this device for a period of time and reveal its functions. Let other people find its bad and good things then use it. While other people think another way: wait for the price to drop.

Wait for the 8?

The most important reason for this unique ‘market behaviour’ is because many people think that Apple only does a minor change to its product line. This happened before when the first quarter of iPhone 6 skyrocketed in China, but at the end of the year, the sales went deep enough to hold the record as Apple’s first global sales decline. Many marketing experts believe that this trend will still continue if Apple continues this ‘minor change’ trend.

Some Chinese customers are even ‘spying’ for a potential model for iPhone 8 that (as they believe) will be launched next year, precisely on the 10th anniversary of iPhone, its very first model. Well, there is nothing wrong with this decision, waiting for the most decorated version, until the good one arrives. It is basically saving time before the right time arrives and makes the right decision.

 For customers in China, this seems to be the best decision, based on their current situation, but not so well with Apple. Convincing these people will never be an easy job, not even for a company as big and famous as Apple. However, Apple has its own strategy. It is believed that this company has already shared the market, especially the China, a very special sneak peek to its very advanced, peak product. This alone has successfully boosted Apple shares this year, reaching up to 2.35% boost, making Apple shares one of the most lucrative shares in the market.

The biggest thing since 2014 that has changed now is the fact that everyone can find iPhone anywhere, said Ben Thompson, the guy behind Stratechery technology sector. He realizes that right now there is a lot of growth potential, when customers have their chance, their first chance, to purchase an iPhone. But now, that very potential has been lost.


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