EA Adds New Version Of Tetris In The App Store, But Buyer...

EA Adds New Version Of Tetris In The App Store, But Buyer Beware


EA Games put out a new version of Tetris for IOS and has seemingly done away with the old version. While the new version features lots of new game modes and features designed around a touch screen, there is also some pretty odd fine print. Details after the break: Perhaps the oddest thing about this new version of Tetris is what EA is trying to do with pricing. The app it self is only 99 cents as has become standard, but then you are also asked to pay an additional $30 a year subscription. Charging a subscription fee for a game other than an MMO is relatively unheard of up until now so its strange that EA thinks it can get away with this price structure. Still, if you really, really, really love Tetris the app will be available by the end of December.


  1. The author is right in that it does have a subscription. Though you don’t need it to play the game. All it does is give you discount on coins and powerups you may need in the game. If you just play it, you will get coins and powerups are optional to finish some quest in galaxy. It’s the best tetris game yet. Compared to paying 30.00 plus for it on the gameboy/ds this is a bargain!


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