Destructopus: A Very Satisfying Smash-Em-Up

Destructopus: A Very Satisfying Smash-Em-Up


Destructopus iPhone App Review

Everyone wants to punish ‘polluters’ and save endangered animals right? How about doing all that by stomping around, smashing things up and eating planes? YES PLEASE!

In its essence Destructopus isn’t a massively original game; it’s a side scrolling, smash-em-up game featuring a big monster going around bashing up building. But not all games have to be complete originals to be highly addictive.

Playing as a crazy sea monster that happens to be a massive octopus (with claws of course) that’s all about saving the planet; your job is to smash things up, eat some humans and get to the end of the level to save some endangered animals from going into what looks like a abattoir.

As you swipe, bite and bash your way through each level, you are rewarded with coins which you can use in the shop to buy upgrades for your monster. Selecting the right upgrade can be a bit tricky as you are unaware of what lies in store in the next level. I have found that I have made some bad choices and I’m now desperately trying to get more coins so I can buy a sinister spit attack, a speed boost or some flame breath. There are tons of upgrades to keep working towards, including an option to unlock new levels.

Pros: Great arcade game, very addictive and easy to get the hang of.

Cons: Some of the buttons are a bit close together and things can get a little crowded, having an option for different layouts (or even the option to place buttons wherever you want) would be excellent.



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