Cybernarium: Absolutely Cool!!

Cybernarium: Absolutely Cool!!


Cybernarium iPhone App Review

Now here’s a cool game! Simple put: paddle wars. But more specifically it’s paddle wars with a twist, set in space, at the terminal end of the world.

You, a fighter from the human race must bounce energy balls into the ring that sets the enemy’s energy walls into convulsion. Fortunately you can do more than slice a paddle along the slick metal curved rails. You can also shoot with your pad and collect power ups that keep you going longer, or just score you more points.

The game’s really well done. The UI puts you right into the futuristic tone of the game. It took me a while to realize I was playing a paddle wars game, because frankly the look, sounds, music and attention to detail in Cybernarium kept my mind in one of those sci-fi movies…. From my the old paddle wars game we played on the first PC.

This game gets a good 9/10. It can get a bit slow, but then… not everyone wants to be going crazy while playing with highly reactive balls of fire.


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