Catch The Stars: Intergalactic Puzzler

Catch The Stars: Intergalactic Puzzler


Catch The Stars iPhone App Review

If you enjoy solving puzzles with only a limited number of moves and also using your timing and co-ordination, then you will be in love with Catch the Stars.

What you must do is tap the screen at the right time to manoeuvre your craft into the path of moving and stationary stars. Be warned you only have three thrusts, and these aren’t terribly powerful, so you must gauge the timing and trajectory to perfection to ensure you manage to clear the level with a full score.

The levels at first start out quite simplistic but rapidly they become increasingly more difficult to accomplish with full marks. In fairness, the first level or two serve as little more than a tutorial. With the introduction of obstacles, ramps, moving starts and stars help make this game even more addictive and comprehensively enthralling.

Ultimately this game is hugely entertaining and one that will keep you playing for hours. If you don’t mind only doing enough to get through to the next round you’ll complete the game swiftly, but if you want to make it a personal mission to get three stars on each level, you’ll be playing frantically for hours.


  • Lots of entertaining and tricky levels
  • Quick to get to grips with, tricky to master
  • Hours of fun


  • Getting three stars is almost impossible
  • A bit repetitive
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