CoPilot GPS Live Premium: Find Your Way The Right Way (Sponsored)

CoPilot GPS Live Premium: Find Your Way The Right Way (Sponsored)


CoPilot GPS Live Premium iPhone App Review

There are loads of jokes about men who never ask for directions, even when they are completely lost and running late for an important engagement, simply due to an issue with their pride. I am not one of those men. I will ask any man, women or child directions and frequently have to because my sense of direction is embarrassing. However, I can now be spared the purported indignity of begging for navigational help, as CoPilot GPS Live Premium is free to provide the best possible in-car navigation experience on your iPhone!

With the new Live Premium update, the award-wining app adds Yelp data pulled from its API (application programming interface), improved ActiveTraffic™ service and a variety of app-wide refinements to ensure that its users get the best experience possible.

CoPilot GPS Live iPhone App Review
Don’t be late for any important dates!

You can use Yelp to easily locate interesting local businesses that have been reviewed and rated by the Yelp community; once a location is chosen, CoPilot provides detailed voice instructions and clear 3D mapping straight to the door. Also, with the paid version of the app you can get one year of real-time traffic service for free, meaning that you’ll be able to avoid traffic queues and always turn up on time.

CoPilot GPS iPhone App Review
Know all about where you’re going before you get there.

As will many GPS apps and devices, you can plan your route before you leave and see which way is the quickest; if you fancy shelling out a few more bucks, you can get voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation via an in-app purchase.


Of all of the navigational GPS apps, CoPilot is particularly smooth and intuitive; the Live Premium update is worth the extra expenditure as the bolt-ons are all top-notch.


  •  Traffic Incidents: CoPilot’s Live flow-based ActiveTraffic™ service has been enhanced to include detailed information about traffic incidents on-route
  •  Improved power consumption to maximize battery life when navigating on foot or without an in-car charger
  •  Universal app: CoPilot single region iOS apps now run in full screen on iPads and iPad Minis for an incredible HD navigation experience
  •  Numerous refinements throughout the app based on customer feedback, including screen orientation lock, and support for additional coordinate formats

Room For Improvement

If the sat-nav voice could be Mr T’s, I’d pay a million dollars for it.

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