5 Hottest Travel Apps in 2013

5 Hottest Travel Apps in 2013


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The 90s were probably best known as the ‘rise of the internet’, whilst the past decade could technically be called the ‘smartphone era’. The dramatic increase in smartphone use for both personal and business reasons has resulted in an array of apps available to the public available to download with a single click. Today, smartphones help travellers on a daily basis by delivering information such as flight details and reservations. This is just one example, though. Here are five travel apps you could use for your planned trips in 2013.

1. Google Maps – Google Maps - Google, Inc.

The iOS 6 has seen a change for the worse when it comes to apps. Apple has tried to test their own maps app, which, predictably, has been poor. Luckily, Google recently released their Google Maps App and is available for the public to download for free. You’ll have quick and easy access to bike, public transit, and walking directions that Apple’s map app lacks. Of course, you’ll need to be connected to the internet to use it, just like the old versions.

Google Maps iPhone App Review

2. HotelClub – HotelClub - Hotel booking and hotel room deals - HotelClub Pty Limited

HotelClub have just launched their new hotels app which makes a frequent traveller’s life much easier. It pulls together the best features from other apps and works effortlessly well together; all in one place. The attractive user interface is simple and to the point—so much so that HotelClub claim that you can “book in 3 taps”. The app has a map available to show you hotels nearby, as well as photos and reviews of the rooms you are interested in. It’s convenient for those travelling in any situation as you can filter and sort hotels by internet availability, spa, airport shuttles, pets allowed, etc.

Hotel Club iPhone App Review

Just when you thought that it can’t get any better, it does. HotelClub offer member’s points with every booking. These points can be redeemed to give you a discount on future bookings.

3. TripLingo – TripLingo - TripLingo, LLC

Don’t expect to master a language you knew nothing about in a few hours. TripLingo, at best, will provide you with enough to get by. It will certainly impress the locals, though. Simply choose the time you want to dedicate to learning the language, whether it’s formal or informal, and what you want to learn. The app will generate exactly what you’ll need. It’s available in Spanish, French, Japanese and more.

TripLingo iPhone App Review

4. Packing Pro – Packing Pro - Quinn Genzel

It’s been a tough day of last-second packing and chasing down a cab to just make it in time for boarding. You’ve placed your carry-on into the overhead compartments and are finally sitting in your seat, relaxed. As you lay your head back and think about how you just made it into the plane, a terrible shiver runs down your spine. It’s that dreaded moment when you realise you forgot something. It’s the worst feeling out there. Packing Pro creates and edits lists which help you when you’re packing. This is essential for business travellers who often have a lot of documents and files that they can’t afford to forget. If you’re working a job which has you travelling on a weekly basis, it can be easy to mix things up. Packing Pro will also suggest new ideas and give you recommended lists. All you do is input the length of your stay, weather conditions, and how many people are going—you’ll have a list of items to pack right there in front of you.

Packing Pro iPhone App Review

5. Urbanspoon  – Urbanspoon - Urbanspoon

This is a perfect dining app, whether you’re on holiday or not. Usually, you don’t gradually start to feel hungry. It’s sort of a next-minute-thing. One second you’re fine and the next you’re craving something—anything. When you’re abroad, everything is a new experience. Load up Urbanspoon and find nearby recommendations. All you do is shake it like a Magic 8 Ball and it’ll present you with your options. You can even check out reviews on sites such as Eater and Zagat.

UrbanSpoon iPhone App Review

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Sohaib is an adventure travel addict who enjoys exploring new and hidden depths in the world. When he isn’t around and about, he is writing for Miinto, an online boutique fashion store. Of course, he can’t live without his iPhone, which sits safely in a leather iPhone case.


  1. Thank you for all the great suggestions. One of my co-workers from DISH also suggested Packing Pro for me. I always end up forgetting to pack something so this app is awesome to have. I love finding apps to use while I am traveling, and one app that I absolutely love when I am waiting around in the airport is the DISH Remote Access app. Since I have the Sling Adapter hooked up to my receiver, I am able to stream live and recorded shows from any of my subscription channels. I can watch all my shows while I wait for my flight, and it keeps me entertained.


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