How Horse Racing Events Stood The Test Of Time By Embracing New...

How Horse Racing Events Stood The Test Of Time By Embracing New Technology


Horse racing has long been a beloved sport, adored by many for hundreds of years. However, the way that people interact with this sport has not stayed static but continued to change along with technological advances. Now, with access to online horse racing websites, the method of betting has improved dramatically. Currently, when choosing racing tips, bettors can be anywhere in the world (including the comfort of their own home) when placing their bets. Plus, there are tons of apps that sports lovers can use to stay up-to-date when making their bets. Here’s a look at some of the most popular horse racing events where people can place bets completely online.

The Grand National 

This annual hunt race draws in floods of people to Aintree, Liverpool each April. It began its first run in 1839 (well before anyone could even imagine how online sports betting could alter the sport!). Racing fans can now watch anywhere in the world – even on smartphones thousands of miles away. The race has an average viewership of around 600 million people from all over the globe (including 70,000 of which appear at the track in-person across the three-day event). The Grand National is not only one of the oldest sporting events but also one of the most-watched.

If bettors can’t make it to the event itself, they can view the race online with live-streaming feeds of the races. The horses race over the 4 mile, 514-yard tracks, including more than 30 fences to clear during the two laps, which makes it an exciting race to watch. The popularity of the event has also allowed it to become one of the richest races in Europe, with a purse of a million pounds (half of which goes to the winning jockey).

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Image by John Schnobrich on Unsplash: With technology, horse-racing fans can place their bets from anywhere in the world.

Royal Ascot 

Each year, thousands of spectators rush to Berkshire to get in on the action first-hand at the Royal Ascot – home to 13 of Britain’s 36 Group 1 races. The event was established all the way back in 1711 by Queen Ann and has led to a long relationship between the royal family and the event.

Even though technology has made it possible for people around the world to enjoy the event, the Royal Ascot has gone to tremendous lengths to ensure that the history and atmosphere of the race have remained intact over the years. That means that those lucky enough to attend in person have to follow strict dress code rules. The pageantry of the event makes for a special day for those who watch the race in Berkshire – but folks who are watching on their smartphones or computers from home can stay in their comfy clothes!

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Image by Attentie Attentie on Unsplash: Watching the races and placing bets can be as easy as picking up a smartphone.

Cheltenham Festival 

The second-biggest prize goes to the Cheltenham Festival, which has thousands of attendees every year. Although fans and bettors can watch from anywhere in the world, there is a special vibe that occurs when you’re there in person. The famed “Cheltenham roar” occurs when the spectators at the race roar loudly as soon as the flag rises to mark the first race and the official beginning of the event. The four-day festival typically sees around 62,000 people (plus even more attendees on the Gold Cup day), so you can imagine how loud that roar must be!

Horse-racing fans can still appreciate the long-standing traditions of these remarkable races even if they can’t manage to make it in-person to the events. They can make their bets online using an app on their smartphone or sites on their computer so that they can still take part in the fun from anywhere in the world!

Featured image by Julia Joppien on Unsplash


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