The Guide on How to Hire Remote Developers

The Guide on How to Hire Remote Developers


It might be great to know that your company keeps advancing from time to time. As your business grows, you will eventually realize that you need to hire remote developers to help your business to improve and expand.

Hiring someone to enter your business environment is not an easy thing to do. You can make or break it depending on the x-factors that you might have never thought of before.

 But to achieve your goals, you can safely agree that it will start by working with the right people. Just like many other business or company owners, there’d be a risk lurking in your rodeo when you want to make this happen.

 You can take a look at these tips to make sure you are getting on the right track when hiring a remote developer for your company.

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Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash: Our guide on how to hire remote developers

Equip yourself with the information of the position

What position you are opening right now? If you are not sure about it, you will need to hold it for some time to allow you to learn more about what you’d like to expect.

We have seen a lot of companies who post job vacancies ads, claiming to need remote worker roles, but they often mismatch without comprehending the outputs and inputs about the position.

 Before proceeding with your ads, you will want to explore all of the divisions. And make sure to categorize the position correctly so that you will receive the most appropriate responses from the right candidates.

The more detailed the position and expectations that you deliver, the better. This practice can make some people turn away. Well, it is a necessary measurement in your unbiased screening process. Only with this, you will be able to find the right candidates for the empty positions in your company.

How much salary are you going to offer to them?

 You will need to be crystal clear and transparent about this if you want to make it work. Not a single person likes to get trapped with hidden information such as commission, compensation, and so on.

 If you want to win the bidding, you could set a higher salary standard. But let me tell you something important. It does not guarantee that you are making the best decision, especially for the future.

 The remote developer will choose you over the other companies because you can keep up your words.

 For instance, if you are hiring a developer team from the ERBIS company, you can be transparent about your budget arranged for the team. Then, you and the other party will surely have such a progressive conversation which can be beneficial for both parties.

All in all, trying to win your perfect candidates with a higher salary is not the best way to hire the right software developer for your team. In the long run, it might not be something that you can afford.

Emphasize the benefits of the remote working

Remote work is indeed the dream for many people around the world. There’s a chance that you have been familiar with the practices of the remote operation.

There is no need to pay expenses for logistics, property rental, water, and electrical bills, and many other benefits that you can easily see every month.

ERBIS developers stated that the line of work does not rigorously require office attendance for working.

If you have realized this advantage, you can easily send positive and valuable messages to your candidates. It can be the most selling point that you can offer to your remote developer’s candidates.

Hire from the top-notch and reputable company

Why is it so important to focus your search only on popular and renowned companies, while in fact, you have known that their services are not the most affordable out there? The answer is simple. Younger companies cannot beat the expertise and experience of the more renowned companies. In a nutshell, they have more abundant resources, a set of skills, and solutions for your companies. Working with reputable developers will give you a seamless solution that won’t betray your money value.

The great qualities of the remote developer

As mentioned, your chance will be much better if you rely on the top-rated remote software development company. Here is where everything can get relevant.

ERBIS remote software engineering development company has these traits, and it can be the benchmark that you will want to hold together with your goals.

Are they good problem solvers?

Problem-solving is the necessary trait that you need to see in remote developers. Some folks overlook this factor because they think it is something that they can find during the operational tasks. But you don’t have to deal with them to know their capabilities in giving you the most appropriate solutions.

 You can see their specific traits through their series of portfolios. ERBIS company, for instance, don’t hesitate to share their portfolio which represents their past projects. This will give you a big picture of what approach and method they were using to make the solution for their clients. 

Can they communicate with you well?

 That is one of the biggest questions that you have to find the answer to. They should keep up with their words in terms of their operational hours. If they said that they are working from 9-5, then you must be able to communicate with them without any hassle at the time windows. You may skip to the next candidate if you are not able to reach them for any reason that they made.

What do you need to do first for your remote team’s screening process?

In many business premises, the success or failure can be determined at the very first interaction between you and the developer. Therefore, the very first thing you are going to do is to schedule the communications for you and the other party.

After all, they will be working with you for a long time in the future. It is very important to build the foundation to know common grounds and expectations.

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