Brighten Up Your Group Chats With Colorful Keyboard App, Sticker Market!

Brighten Up Your Group Chats With Colorful Keyboard App, Sticker Market!


In this age of enhanced communication, it’s important that your messages stand out from the crowd to avoid them getting lost within the empty vastness of the group chat. My new, preferred method of making my idiot friends pay attention to what I’m saying is by dazzling them with graphics from Sticker Market, a new all-in-one platform packed with GIFS, stickers and face emojis.

When I say GIFs, I mean MILLIONS of them. The app has just about every reaction shot you could dream of so the next time your dumb brother makes a show of himself in the family chat, you’ll have a never-ending arsenal of patronising reactions to mock him with.

Sticker Market’s sticker keyboard is compatible with just about every communications app on the market so you can use it regardless of what your preferred platform is. Sticker Market is even compatible with iMessage.

Stickers come in a load of different sticker sets ranging from the super cute Zak the Dragon stickers to the x-rated hilarious adultmojis. You can download as many sets as you want and the vast majority of them are free.

I know I can speak for a lot of people when I say I am bored to death of the basic dog filter clogging up everyone’s social media feeds. You’re not cute or original, you’re just doling out the same old recycled trash and earning yourself a couple of swift unfollows in the process. Sticker Market takes the idea of face filters and makes them stratospherically better. Sticker Market’s face masks are original and diverse and are gorgeously designed by professional artists.

When you hit the ‘Allow Full Access’ button in your keyboard settings, you’ll be presented with a warning screen that states ‘full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard’. Naturally this message might spook you into worrying that sensitive data like credit card numbers could potentially be leaked from your phone. Not to worry though, Sticker Market NEVER collects this sensitive info so you’re credit card will be safe from any unwelcome hands.

Sticker Market comes in a tonne of different languages including English, Armenian, Russian, German and French to name but a few. The apps creators also plan to expand to even more languages soon meaning that regardless of where you are in the world, you can pack your conversations with the most stunning graphics.

Start hilariously embellishing your messages today by heading to the App Store or Google Play and downloading Sticker Market for free!


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