A List of The Best Software to Use for Your Website Design

A List of The Best Software to Use for Your Website Design


Web design can feel like a daunting and scary task especially if you’re new to coding. If you’ve already started looking for web design software then you’ve probably been bombarded with the hundreds of different choices out there. If you don’t know what kind of software you need or why then narrowing down and finding which one will best suit your needs can feel a little overwhelming.

You might even be tempted to throw in the towel and simply hire a web designer to do the hard yards for you, but the truth is; armed with the right choice of software, newbies can achieve and create beautiful and user-friendly websites within a matter of days.

But the big question still remains – how do you choose the best software for your website’s design and functionality?

In the article below, we have tested and reviewed a selection of popular web design software which match a variety of different styles, purposes and skill sets.

Remember: once you’ve found and purchased the software that best fits your company and site, make sure to keep all of your data and hard work safe by investing in a good MySQL automatic backup tool.

  • Adobe Dreamweaver

The reigning king of web design and why we’ve ranked it #1 on our list.

This software has been on the market for years and has now evolved to become the leading web design software that nearly every developer uses.

Dreamweaver offers an intuitive dashboard that allows users to build a website from scratch. With live views and code editors, this software helps users picture how their end product will look; making it ideal for both professionals and beginners.

If you have your web pages ready and all you want is to edit them then this powerful bit of software will make it as easy as possible. All you have to do is connect the servers, download the files to your local drive, customize the content as you wish and then upload it back to your server. Simple!

Truthfully, Adobe Dreamweaver is an extraordinary piece software and perfect for professionals, intermediates and beginners alike as its interface presents a smooth blend of both user-friendliness and intuitiveness.

You can get Adobe Dreamweaver as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Package which goes for $49.99/month, alternatively, you can get buy its license for only $19.99 per month.

  • Webflow

This is another highly responsive and easy-to-use web design software that you’ll want to consider. It features a highly intuitive user-interface that makes it ideal for professional web designers, web newbies and web entrepreneurs.

However, this tool is not just for web design. It also doubles as CMS software and a web hosting platform, making it is a one-stop shop for all web-related tasks.

This software is easy to use which means that new users will be able to build a website without seeking the services of a coding expert. You’re able to trial a version of this software and – if you feel that it is the right one for you – you can then go on to pay the $35 per month for its premium features.

  • Adobe Muse

Another Adobe product that’s ideal for people who want to create a stunning website.  Adobe Muse is the perfect software for web developers who have no idea about coding but do have skills in Photoshop and other graphic design software, which they want to apply to their website design.

This software is available on the Adobe Creative Cloud Package for $49.99 per month, or you can get its license for $19.99 per month.

  • Sketch

To wrap up this list is sketch – one of the best web design software available in the digital market. With massive improvements to the software over the last ten years, this tool is an absolute must if you are serious about website design.

Sketch has tons of features that will excite you as a beginner in the web design industry. The software comes with an in-built CSS function that allows you to convert all your designs into a CSS format. Additionally, all the sites that you create using this software will be highly responsive for mobile viewing as well as desktop.

Creating pages using sketch is easy as you can export various files with just one click and can easily edit elements as you would do with vector programs like Adobe Illustrator.

This software is available for a one-time fee of $99. Bargain.

We hope that this article will make your life easier by helping you to find the software that you feel will best suit your website’s needs to help you to achieve your goals.


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