Bam Analytics: Keep An Eye On Your Website Through Your iPhone

Bam Analytics: Keep An Eye On Your Website Through Your iPhone

bam analytics iphone app review
Keep up to date with the ins and outs of your websites with Bam Analytics.

In this new fangled world of iPhone Apps, android Apps, websites, social networks and virtual reality it’s hard to keep tabs on what the hell is happening! Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs, tech gurus and even old Joe Blogs are having a crack at breaking into the vast market of online trade! Well ladies and gentlemen, here at we’ve found something that’s going to make the whole process a lot easier. Welcome to Bam analytics!

Own a website or two? Want to know exactly how it’s functioning, who’s using it, where they’re using it or how their using it? Then Bam Analytics is nothing short of perfect. Chances are if you’re looking at these types of apps you’ve already got Google Analytics. Bam works from the same principles yet it somehow does exactly the same as goggles analytics and more, in a more simplistic and easy to use way! The mind boggles people but something you can be sure of is it will no longer do so on account of confusing web marketing or functionality reports. Simple graphics, simple figures and simple touch functionality makes this actually very advanced app capable of being used by a child, and let’s face it, it is the kids coming up with the big next-gen ideas!

You can check the ‘dashboard’ which gives you a graph and related figures for ‘visits’, ‘unique visits’, ‘page views’, ‘time on page’ and ‘bounce rate’, everything you need for a quick and easy overview of how your sites doing! If you want to know more you won’t be disappointed with everything from an ‘e-commerce overview’ to a ‘content overview’ to a ‘traffic overview’ all detailing every aspect of your websites figures in an easily readable, easily understandable format. This really is child’s play, the big difference being, it’ll help the children make big bucks from the safety of their highchair!


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