Anticrop: Uncropping Is No Longer Only For Professionals

Anticrop: Uncropping Is No Longer Only For Professionals


Anticrop iPhone App Review

Anticrop for IOS has finally arrived. This is the first ever photo uncropping app. All you need to do us drag the borders to expand the photo to your liking. The amazing technology attempts to fill in the sections with cloned pixels from the image. In a flash you can professionally edit your photos. Like most photography apps it allows users to edit new photos and photos from their own library. Although the app provides a sophisticated tutorial it is very simple to use. Never again will you need to snap 50 shots of the same scene to get the perfect shot. How much more perfect can that be?


  • Easy to use
  • Keeps original image resolution
  • Allows users to undo


  • Replication on outer edges may take some tweaking on your photo

If you edit photos professionally or if you are like me and want to present the illusion that your images are professional, Anticrop is definitely worth the money.


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