Wedding Snake: Be The Best Man At This Addictive Game (Sponsored)

Wedding Snake: Be The Best Man At This Addictive Game (Sponsored)


Wedding Snake iPhone App Review

There’s always one guest at every wedding that gets too drunk and tries to impress everyone with their adventurous dance moves; and yes, that guest is usually me. Well, you can imagine my delight when iPhoneAppCafe received a game where the one of the objectives is to avoid such guests!

Giving the classic ‘Snake’ game a modern overhaul, Wedding Snake puts you in charge of a wedding line conga (aka ‘halay’), with people dancing side by side; your mission is clear: collect as many people as possible as you slither between the tables dotted around the room and start depositing guests at various chairs located at the tables.

Watch out for those tables..

Like with any Snake game, this is a very simple game to understand but a pretty tricky one to master; I took some time just circling the room to get used to the controls before I attempted to entice anyone to join my dance, as a veteran of many ruined weddings, I was cautious not to start the fun too early).

The music is very upbeat and adds a fun dimension to the game, as you can see your characters dancing to the beat; the graphics are fairly simple but the ‘in between game shots’ see images of soused spouses and drunken uncles popping up to give you encouragement, which is a nice touch.

What a happy couple!

There are further layers to the game, with bonus guests adding varying power ups and bonus points to your halay and score; for example, the uncle will speed your snake up for a while, just as Grandpa will slow it down; a handkerchief will double your points for a any item collected during ‘hanky time’ and the candy, boss and bouquet of flowers will chuck valuable points on to your score. However, as I mentioned before, you have to watch out for the inebriated guest who will take one of your line dancers off your snake (presumably to a broom closet for an illicit tryst…).

With 40 different levels of wedding frenzy to plough your way through, it’s doubtful that you will tire of this game anytime soon and you can also brag about your scores on Facebook and Twitter; next time that you are bored at a family wedding, kill some time by doing a little dancing with your iPhone.


Wedding Snake is a simple and entertaining game that is well worth the $0.99 price tag; it is perfect for short bus journeys or killing time in an elevator, but it can also be used for longer periods of time as its wide array of levels with different backgrounds and layouts keeps things from getting stagnant.


The Snake game is a tried and tested formula and by adding kooky flourishes to it, Wedding Snake is very engaging.

By taking you to various weddings around the world, you get to see different backdrops and types of guests (my favourites are the Italians; bella bella!)

Room For Improvement

The fact that the drunken guests on my iPhone’s screen are better dancers than me depresses me…but that’s just me!

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  1. This is such an addictive game, I play it all the time when I’m bored at work…hope my boss doesn’t rread this! lol

  2. I agree with both comments, Wedding Snake is well worth the 99 cents; the only downside is that the drunken guests don’t spew!


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