AmpliTube Slash: Sweet Child O’ Yours

AmpliTube Slash: Sweet Child O’ Yours



There are few silhouette’s that you could recognise immediately; Mickey Mouse, Russell Brand and Slash all jump to the mind.  The latter star has graced AmpliTube with his own app, aimed at letting guitarists replicate his unique sound.

As you can imagine, it has a crunching Booster and a full-on X-Chorus box as well as Gate pedal and a Delay that you turn all the way up to get that fabulous staccato sound.  If you can tear up your guitar’s freeboard half as well as the perennially top hat-ted one can, this one will keep you amused for hours on end.

As Slash says in the video, he finds AmpliTube really useful to record on the road; whether you tour the world in a groupie-laden hippie bus or a brown Vauxhall, this is an app that will let you keep all of your riffs locked up safe.

Get AmpliTube Slash for $18.99 on iTunes.


This review was taken from the 5 Recording Apps That Every Bedroom Guitarist Needs.

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