AmpliTube Hendrix: Let it wail, baby…

AmpliTube Hendrix: Let it wail, baby…



Ah, Jimi; when this app was released, you would have been 70 years old to the day.  I have no doubt that you would have dug the epic sounds that us dilettantes can tease out of your eponymous AmpliTube app, aping Purple Haze and Manic Depression with your signature scrapes and squeals…

AmpliTube Hendrix has a Fuzz Box that will deafen you without proper control, an Octa-V pedal and  Noise Filter for added authenticity and a Uni-V with a Chorus/Vibrato switch that will make your guitar sound as if it was dropped from the heavens (or stolen from Hell, depending on your point of view).

I love the Wah Wah pedal that you can add to get Jimi’s distinctive tone; you can have it set to ‘Automatic’ or ‘Manual’, in which you tilt your device to get the right effects!

Get AmpliTube Hendrix for $18.99 on iTunes.


This review was taken from the 5 Recording Apps That Every Bedroom Guitarist Needs.