AIMIsocial App is the way forward for Marketing your Business on Social...

AIMIsocial App is the way forward for Marketing your Business on Social Media


You run a small business, whether that’s a physical store or online and you need to gain more customers and in turn increase sales. In the world we live in now, businesses get noticed through social media faster than they would a few years ago. We no doubt have come along way from the yellow pages or directories we use to have. However, marketing yourself and your business on social media can be difficult and time-consuming. You would have to hire a social media marketing specialist and that will no doubt cost a lot of money. Sometimes, it is money well spent, but can you afford it being a small upcoming business? The next best thing is to find a way to automate your marketing and this is where AIMIsocial app comes in.

AIMIsocial app is designed to design for small businesses and can automatically create, design and write your social media post for an entire month. Leaving you to deal with the most important thing for your business, the customers. The app can increase brand recognition and engage with a larger audience than you could whilst running the day to day issues of the business. AIMIsocial will do just what a human being would do but just much better. It can create, manage and analyse your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns right around the clock. It will generate posts, add images and schedule them for the right time to be published. The app covers a wide range of business types.

Within minutes you can automate your social media content, from just adding a few basic information about your business. The app will create your calendar of post for the month and you can edit and schedule them. The app will run throughout the month and then the following month it will set more posts for the month ahead.

AIMIsocial is free to download and offers only 2 scheduled post per month. The Pro version cost $99.99 per month and offers unlimited scheduled posts monthly and have features with includes campaign editor and online support. There’s a Pro Plus version for $124.99 per month and covers a lot more features to take your marketing to the next level.

Even at those prices, AIMIsocial is much more affordable than hiring someone to do the work for you.

Download AIMIsocial from the App Store or Google Play store.


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