Babe Magnet for iPhone could make you desirable

Babe Magnet for iPhone could make you desirable


BabeMagnet-iphoneReleased 22nd July 2010, By Stroika, £0.59 (FREE for initial version)

It’s been hard not to notice the frequent, how can we say it, ‘women pleasing’ guides released the last month or so. Female Orgasm Facts, & Great Love Making Techniques are just two of many. They may be naff and perhaps a bit pathetic but we felt the need review one.

Let us introduce Babe Magnet – the latest (and probably the most tame). And as the title suggests, this isn’t for sensitive companions who like to please their lady with a bunch of flowers. Oh no, this focuses on the bedroom.

You’re presented with a series of twenty seven photos, displayed in an iTunes cover flow style, along with titles for each one including ‘Whisper in her ear’, ‘Tell her she’s beautiful’, ‘Fantasies’, ‘Role play’ and ‘Grab her from behind’. Tap on a photo and you’re given information telling you why these categories are important for attracting girls with ease.

It attempts to combine mental and physical techniques but it doesn’t stand out from competing apps as most of it is just repeated information. Granted, it would’ve been hard to customise this app for your partner’s individual needs but perhaps some fun questions for you to ask your lady, with multiple answers available, would’ve have made Babe Magnet more personal.

Some creativity has gone into the photo selection but this app is generally basic. But most irritatingly, the app tricks you into believing it’s completely free. Unless you buy the full version, you only get one or two of the interactive pictures.

Older or more experienced men are likely to find this lame but for others, it may boost confidence. You won’t become the man in those Lynx adverts but at least you’ll know what women want.


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