The Best Social Sport Apps For Fans

The Best Social Sport Apps For Fans

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Today, sports apps offer something for every user. Whether it’s staying updated with live scores and stats, hearing about the latest trade rumors, or playing DFS, sports fans are always looking for the best platform to provide for their needs.

One of the latest trends in mobile sports apps comes from the top sportsbooks in the US. From DFS services to wagers from leading analysts, sports fans can get in on the action straight from a mobile device. Live betting features, also known as in-play betting, are the latest services for mobile platforms.

These allow fans to place micro bets on things like which player will hit the next homerun or who will score the next three-pointer. Much like DFS and fantasy leagues, sports betting apps are the latest wave for mobile users.

However, there’s another sector in the sports app world. According to a 2017 study by Google, standard sports app users interact with their favorite app for 50 minutes each day—but they may be logging on just to chat with other like-minded fans. Keep reading below to learn about the leading social sports fan apps.


Much like writing apps can improve a user’s skill, apps designed for sports enthusiasts can improve a fan’s knowledge of a certain team or league. Or, in the case of Fancred, a social sports app can also highlight the diehard antics of certain fan groups.

The Boston-based app, which boasts a 30% active daily user rate, provides an interactive broadcasting platform where fans can network with one another. Users can ask questions, start forums, share photos and videos, and so on. The crazier the fandom, the more popular.

They even have a live screen that accompanies major games. Think of it like a social media platform—but exclusively for sports fans. What’s helped Fancred stick it out longer than competitors that emerged around the same time (like Sportlobster or LockerDome) is its clean design and easy-to-navigate interface, which makes sharing photos and videos a breeze.

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Fancred may provide sports fans with a highly-produced social media network that revolves around curated teams and leagues, but Skilltaly instead draws from professional networking sites like LinkedIn to help boost the visibility and skill of fans who may know a bit too much about their squad. 

However, Skilltaly goes above and beyond the competition by also allowing athletes to use the mobile app in order to interact with fans. The result is a dynamic platform that connects sports fans to athletes and other sports professionals in order to heighten the overall experience of a live event.

Users can search for other fans and athletes in the area in order to share insight. For example, Skilltaly includes a high-powered video editor, which allows users to carefully breakdown a play in a live game, which they can then use to make in-depth comments.

In other words, Skilltaly helps the average pundit transform themselves into a broadcasting specialist.


As an ongoing project of the tech group Vinfotech, which creates customized platforms and mobile apps to address a variety of tech solutions. Like Fancred, Balltalk is a specialized social networking app specifically for sports fans. 

Balltalk’s founder, William Cliatt, contacted Vinfotech to help create the next big fan experience—but without the standard social networking format. Some of the top features include a live game chat, where users can make comments about particular plays as they happen, then segue these conversations to private chats if they like.

The app focuses on live chat features rather than video or photo-sharing (though these are also possible), which connects users to those nearby. The idea is to create a channel for attendees at a live game to make their own comments to one another.

Additionally, the app provides live updates on games, teams, and athletes, which means users can stay connected to breaking news and updates. Users who meet one another in a virtual setting can also set up ‘groups’, which will automatically connect anytime two users are in the same stadium.

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