A Third Galaxy Nexus Announced During CES, This Time Featuring LTE and...

A Third Galaxy Nexus Announced During CES, This Time Featuring LTE and NFC!


Google’s new flagship phone the Galaxy Nexus has caught a lot of attention because of it’s new version of Android that goes a long way to fix some of the usability issue some experience while using it. The UI is better looking, the gestures are more intuitive and most things can be done in 1 or 2 steps rather than 3 or 4. Thus far, we’ve has an HSPA varient that featured NFC and an LTE version exclusively for Verizon that saw it removed, making consumers have to choose between “4G” speed and Google Wallet. Well all of that changed today, with  the announcement of yet another Galaxy Nexus LTE, this time also featuring NFC and coming exclusively to Sprint. Now it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as Sprints LTE coverage will start out only in Texas and a few other areas and of course this is US residents only, but if you are on Sprint and were itching for some ICS action, it’s your lucky day! Source (feturing specs for those who need a refresher) after the break:



  1. […] Not to be outdone, AT&T announced its own Android LTE powerhouse, in the form of the Galaxy note! Specs after the jump: The Galaxy Note has been surprisingly successful, but has not been officially available to those of us who live in the US . All of that changed today, as AT&T announced the highly anticipated handset for a US release coming later this year, and this time with the added speed of LTE! For those who don’t know, the Galaxy note is the 5.3-inch giant smartphone, mini-tablet that features a 1.2 GHz dual core processor under the hood and runs on Android Gingerbread.  Another interesting feature is an included stylus that provides accurate handwriting and drawing on on a capacitive display. Something many IPad owners have been pining for. […]


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