7 Dota 2 Community Events All Players Should Be a Part Of

7 Dota 2 Community Events All Players Should Be a Part Of


Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games of all time. Although playing numbers are a far cry from what they used to be, Valve’s epic continues to bring in almost a million concurrent players every month. It’s not just great game mechanics and a thriving eSports scene that make Dota 2 so popular. As with League of Legends, Dota 2 has fostered an expansive community that extends beyond the internet. Below, we explore some of the best community events that players old and new should think about engaging with.

1. Join a Beginner Group to Learn the Ropes

Are you a first-time player? Perhaps you’ve not played Dota 2 for several years and can’t wrap your head around changes to the game you once loved. Whatever camp you fall into, beginner groups are your best friend. If you’re playing on Steam, you’ll find plenty of open discussions started by like-minded players looking for fellow rookies. As well as polishing up your skills, you can connect with online friends and put together a team so you’re ready for the next step.

2. Get Involved with Amateur Leagues

Think Dota 2 tournaments were just for professionals? Think again. As with other MOBA games, Dota 2 players can take part in amateur leagues. As with professional www.1337pro.com/en/dota2/tournament-schedule these amateur leagues offer season-based play. There are plenty of online-only options out there, with the likes of the Amateur Dota 2 League among the best.

3. Try Something Different with Custom Game Modes

Have you had your fill of Dota 2? Why not mix things up by engaging with custom game modes? Some modes like Overview, an epic fight to the death, have been created by Valve. Many more have been created by the Dota 2 gaming community itself. There are some pretty unique takes on the original game. Dota Auto Chess combines the classic board game with your favorite Dota heroes. Meanwhile, Roshpit Champions transforms Dota 2 into a more traditional RPG.

4. Game for a Good Cause

Looking to raise money for a charity that’s close to your heart? Several esports operators, including WePlay Esports, have promoted fundraising events in recent years. However, you don’t need to be part of an established team to join the fun and raise funds for a worthy cause. You can use monetized streams on platforms like Twitch to drum up interest and bring in cash.

5. Enjoy Some Time Away from the Screen

We’re all guilty of spending too much time at the computer from time to time. Thankfully, curbing your screen time doesn’t mean saying goodbye to Dota 2 completely. Check local online listings and Reddit groups for so-called “active gamer” collectives. These groups get together in real life to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camping excursions. Perfect for when you need to get back to nature, but wouldn’t mind waxing lyrical about farming tactics and warding techniques.

6. LAN Parties

Before the advent of online gaming, LAN parties were the only real way that gamers could come together en masse and play multiplayer titles. While they’ve fallen out of favor in recent years, nothing beats the thrill of being in the same space as dozens of other gamers. First time thinking about one of these social gatherings? Use online directories like LAN Party List to find a group active in your area.

7. Local Meetups

If you’ve been playing Dota 2 online for some time now, you’ve probably made more than a few new friends. However, for many gamers, these relationships remain firmly in the digital world. Why not turn these online-only connections into something more conventional? Think about organizing a local meetup for other Dota 2 gamers in your town or city.