6 Best Book Related Apps on the Market

6 Best Book Related Apps on the Market

Best Book-Related Apps on the Market

True book lovers know that their book collections will never fully be replaced by iPhones, Android phones, and tablets, but more and more are utilizing these powerful platforms for reading each day. Not just book lovers, but children, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between are using these platforms for their reading enjoyment. The days of checking a book out at the local library or browsing through the local bookshops are long gone. Recognizing the changing market, book publishers are migrating to the digital publishing industry, and those that have yet to do so are simply being left behind. The popularity of these mediums for readers can be best displayed through the never ending release of book-related apps that enter the market daily. More and more people are discovering these apps and falling in love with the versatility they provide.

1. GoodReader for iOS (£2.99) – GoodReader for iPhone - Good.iWare Ltd.

As the #1 non-Apple app for iPad, GoodReader is a robust PDF reader designed specifically for iPad users. Reviews can be found worldwide, hailing GoodReader as an essential app for any iPad user to read PDF documents. With GoodReader, people have the ability to read virtually anything on their iPad anywhere in the world. Books, maps, pictures, and movies can all be viewed using the cutting-edge GoodReader.


  • Can view books, movies, maps, and just about anything
  •  Allows you to follow your favorite sites, blogs, and news feeds


  • Have to download separately for Android version
  •  Menu could be easier to navigate
GoodReader iPhone App Review

2. OverDrive Media Console (Free) – OverDrive Media Console – Library eBooks and Audiobooks - OverDrive, Inc.

The OverDrive Media Console app gives people immediate on-the-go access to audiobooks and eBooks from over 18,000 public and college library databases around the world. Books of nearly every kind can be downloaded to a user’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with the OverDrive Media Console, giving users access to information like never before.


  •  Gives students the ability to access library databases from anywhere
  •  Easy search functions


  • Lack of book diversity, a lot of reference books
  •  Slow download speeds
OverDrive Media Console iPhone App Review

3. Google Play Books (Free) – Google Play Books - Google, Inc.

This wildly popular app allows anyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to instantly access millions of book titles. It gives users the ability to read virtually anything they choose anywhere they choose, whether at home or on the go. Though it has millions of titles, Google Play is easy to navigate and find nearly every type of book imaginable. The ability to add personal touches and customize the reading experience is another added benefit loved by users worldwide.


  •  Huge selection of book titles
  •  Easy navigation


  •  Not as customizable as Kindle
  •  Relatively new
Google Play Books iPhone App Review

4. Marvel Comics (Free) – Marvel Comics - Marvel Entertainment

A favourite of comic book fans, the free Marvel Comics app is revolutionizing the comic book industry. Accessible on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad platforms, the ingenious app gives users the ability to download hundreds of Marvel comic books featuring all of its classic characters. The Marvel Comics app allows comic fans to see Iron man, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, and all of the comic greats on their mobile device with a simple press of a button (or tap of a screen…).


  •  Great graphics
  •  Filled a void in the marketplace
  •  Weak selection of older comics
  •  Only Marvel comics, DC and other comics not available
Marvel Comics iPhone App Review

5. Audible for Android (Free) – Audiobooks from Audible - Audible, Inc.

This powerful app from Audible gives users the ability to effortlessly listen to books whenever and wherever they choose. The Audible app allows users to escape into over 100,000 books and stories with a quick and simply download to their Android device. Best-sellers, classics, and almost everything in between can be easily enjoyed without the hassle of reading or straining your eyes. The Audible app is similar to the books-on-tape of old, providing users with the convenience to listen to their favourite titles while driving to work, working out, or doing any other tasks.


  •  Ease of use
  •  Can listen to favourite books anywhere


  •  Could have more book choices
  •  No option to read
Audiobooks iPhone App Review

6. Kindle (Free) – Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks - AMZN Mobile LLC

The ground-breaking Kindle app from Amazon puts over a million books instantly at the fingertips of its loyal followers, and people do not even need to own a Kindle in order to use the powerful app. Users can choose from over a million book titles at the Kindle store or enjoy countless magazines and newspapers using the versatile reader scripts. In addition to paid books, there are thousands of titles that are available for free. Many are fans of the app’s built-in dictionary that allows readers to instantly look up words while they are reading. The customization features of the Kindle app are especially unique, allowing readers to choose the font size and color, background color, and orientation of their books.


  •  An abundance of titles
  •  Tremendous customization options


  •  Too many features and options, can become chaotic.
  •  Lack of media downloads

Kindle iPhone App Review

The bonanza of smartphones and tablets over the past few years has completely changed the way people read and consume information. The traditional landscape of books and publishing has been replaced by technology that puts endless reading options at the fingertips of people around the world. These apps are a perfect example of the power of this technology and why it has exploded in popularity. Those who do not jump on the bandwagon are only going to get left behind.

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  1. The Marvel app is powered by the much better Comixology. The direct app for Comixology includes all the DC, Image, Valiant, and Marvel titles. (Though Dark Horse remains a stubborn holdout.)


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