Top 7 Health and Fitness Android Apps of 2013

Top 7 Health and Fitness Android Apps of 2013


Here are some health and fitness apps for your Android phone. Some of the apps you may recognize, as they are from popular websites, and others will be new additions to your Android’s home screen.  The list is in no particular order and all of the apps will be available at some point during the year 2013 (if not already).

1 – Daily Ab Workout

If you are a hardcore app downloader then you will learn to love the apps that explain what they do within the title, and this app is one of them. This is an app for people who are interested in sculpting their body–particularly their abs. It plays host to ten superlative exercises for body shaping, and instead of insisting upon large workouts every day, it gives you a 10 to 15 minute exercise to complete every day. The exercises are there to tone the stomach muscles by working each one of them throughout the week, in order to gain a trimmer and more even abdomen. It also has an inbuilt timer so that you do not end up turning at 10-minute workout into a 25-minute workout.

Daily Ab Workout Android App Review

2 – Glucool

This is an app for people who like to maintain their sugar levels to a very specific degree. It is handy for people who are training and experimenting with different methods of nourishing nobody whilst going through vigorous training exercises. It is probably more useful however for diabetic people who need to maintain a very specific sugar levels in order to maintain their bodily homeostasis. The app can do things such as check blood pressure, and can even measure things such as blood glucose and insulin levels. It can also be used to calculate the person’s BMI and can work those metrics into a graph, which is both visually pleasing and useful for tracking your progress.

 Glucool Android Apps Review

3 – MyFitnessPal

This is an app that helps you to lose weight, although it is actually slightly mis-advertising itself because it is more concerned with the calories than it is with actual fitness. For example, it has numerous functions to help you calculate calories, whilst the comprehensive list of 350 exercises seems to have been simply tacked on at the end as an afterthought. The app has a calorie counter and allows you to back up your data online. You can compare progress reports and the app can also calculate the nutrients within your system based upon your diet.

 myfitnesspal Android App Review

4 – RunKeeper

This app is all the more fun because it synchronizes with your GPS System in order to track the things that you do outside. It is one of those apps where once you have downloaded it, if you will be looking for reasons to go outside. The app allows you to your progress as you are running or hiking. It has a number of other health related functions but its biggest selling point is the fact that you can record where you went and when you went outside, including how far you went, which acts as a small trophy for your efforts.

RunKeeper Android App Review

5 –

This is an app from the website at the same name. The novel idea behind this app is that you have a personal trainer in your home. Their website allows it so that you can have a personal trainer on your computer and on your TV, and now this new app allows you to have a personal trainer on your phone or tablet device. The personal trainer does things such as give you 15-minute workouts, but can also give you nutritional plans and fitness advice.

DailyBurn Android App Review

6 – WebMD

This app is another creation that has come from a website of the same name. It gives you quick fix advice, and offers advice for emergencies. It is also good for consulting if you have symptoms that are worrying you. Just like the website it has an inbuilt system for checking it symptoms, and allows you to build up a personal health profile, which will allow you to create a report on your medical condition, simply by answering a few questions.

WebMD Android Apps Review

7 – Smart Activity Tracker

This is nothing more than a pedometer that uses the Smartphone’s internal sensors to figure out when you are taking footsteps. You can wear it on your person or you can throw it in your pocket it does not matter. You can also take into bed with you and it will monitor the quality of your sleep, however given the fact that microwaves emit radiation it is not advisable that you actually put it in bed with you, since microwaves still cause cancer.

Smart Activity Tracker Android App Review

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