5 Ways Casino Apps Have Improved in 2015

5 Ways Casino Apps Have Improved in 2015



Casino apps are on the rise. As a prominent strand of mobile gaming, which, as an industry is set to overtake console revenue in 2015, the amount of money won, lost and generated via smartphone casinos is substantial (due to hit a cool $30 billion this year). So, naturally, the market is flooded with different types of virtual casinos, like online casino bingo all vying for your attention. And, also naturally, these apps are getting better and better as developers try to entice new clients through their virtual doors. But in what ways have they improved specifically? With all this new money must come new features, right? Right. The good news is that casino apps are putting their best foot forward in 2015, and are coming at you with some serious improvements. Here’s a little breakdown of the hows, whats and wheres.

1) There’s loads of them

Seriously, there’s loads, with more turning up every month. How is this an improvement you may ask? Well, because it invites more competition, which is ultimately great news for customers. More than that, a big market means that you’ll be able to find a mobile casino tailored just for you, and also do a healthy amount of shopping around before you decide on one. There’s even sites that will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to seeing what’s out there. If slots are your thing, you can seek out a room that deals solely in slots. On the other hand, is you want a bit of everything, you’ve got that option too.

2) They’re getting safer

Everyone’s bound to be a bit skeptical when it comes to dealing with large amounts of money over the internet (hopefully large amounts of money being thrown in your favour). But fear not. There are still significantly less viruses that can affect your smartphone than your PC or laptop, and casino developers are very conscious of securing their customers privacy. Many use high-level encryption protection, and this is something that is constantly being worked on to keep the sites continuously safe.

3) They’re looking nicer

As safety is an ongoing primary concern, so is presentation. Some of the graphics and interfaces around these days are simply gorgeous, leading to a much more involving experience when you log in to your favourite site. And that’s not all, we’ve also got tie-ins with leading franchises like Tomb Raider and Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as soundtracks and animation a-plenty.

4) There’s a sense of community

This is important when it comes to mobile gaming, as it can appear a solitary pursuit. But, in 2015, developers are trying hard to implement a community feel, in much the same way as MMORPGs have seen huge success using the same model. You can interact with fellow players, gambling with or against them simultaneously; there’s also scoreboards and leaderboards to claw your way up, all adding to a sense of a larger community beyond your smartphone screen. This kind of approach will go a long way to insuring longevity for mobile casinos, in 2015 and beyond.

5) There’s more money to be won

Hey, we saved the most obvious for last. If there’s more money being made, there’s more money up for grabs! Makes sense, doesn’t it? And when is that ever bad news for a dedicated gambler, however casual? That’s right. Never. Good luck on the virtual tables!


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