5 Universal iOS News apps

5 Universal iOS News apps


5 Universal iOS News apps


Whenever you watch a show staged in the 60s you often see a scene where the family is sitting around the breakfast table, a full breakfast spread is laid out, and the Dad is sitting there reading the newspaper.
That is no longer the case. Newspapers are a dying art form. Why wait entire day to read news that happened the day before? The internet, radio, television, and Smartphones have completely changed the way that the general public gets their news. Now you can even download specific apps that were built just to help keep you up-to-date with the latest newsworthy buzz.

1. Pulp – Pulp - Acrylic Software


Do you miss the good ol’ days of the newspaper, but know that you would never read it if you subscribed? Pulp allows you to get the best of both worlds. You can help to construct your perfect newspaper with only the news that you want to read in it, but you do not have to wait for the paperboy to drop it off to you every morning. The Pulp app is available for iOS devices. It costs about $5, but it allows you to build a newspaper style web feed that is constructed from your favorite news sources. It is extremely well rated, and provides you everything that you could possibly want newswise all in one clever package.


Pulp iPhone App Review

2. Zite – Zite - Zite, Inc.


Zite is a great free news option for iOS users. You not only are able to customize the type of information that you receive, but you can also integrate your social networking accounts into the mix. The only downside is that you will need to create a Zite account for the app will not function as well without an actual account to help distinguish your interests.


Zite iPhone App Review

3. Circa – Circa News - Circa 1605, Inc.


How would you like a cliff notes version of the important news stories? That is basically how the Circa app was constructed. You will not receive large articles from all of your favorite websites, but you will more like receive an outline of the top news stories. It does not go into an in-depth explanation, but more just touches on all of the important points. If you are someone that often just reads the headlines, well than this if the perfect app for you to download to your iOS.


Circa iPhone App Review


4. Flipboard – Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine - Flipboard Inc.


Are you someone that gets the majority of your news from your friend’s updates on the major social networks? If this is the case then you will love Flipboard. Flipboard is a great app for the iOS devices that allow you to combine all the latest and greatest happenings on your social networking sites into one convenient magazine style package. You will no longer have to log into each one of the sites individually and scroll through all the latest updates. Simply download Flipboard and allow it to keep you up-to-date with as little effort as possible.


Flipboard iPhone App Review


5. Pulse – Pulse: Your News, Blog, Magazine and Social Reader - Alphonso Labs Inc


Pulse is the embodiment of when news becomes art. Pulse takes all of the latest and greatest news stories and converts them into this amazing artistic mosaic style picture. You simply tap on the pictures that call to you and it will bring up the full story for your perusal. You do not have to read everything right away for you can save and file away stories that you would like to read at a later time. No one ever said that the news had to be boring, and the best part is that the app is free to download. You just simply have to visit the iTunes store and you can read all the amazing reviews before you download it to your iOS device.


Pulse iPhone App Review


Author Bio: This wonderful article has been written by Michael Clark. He is an entrepreneur and a techno freak. He also has a site offering oblurb news and other recent news.


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