Snapchat: A Crazy Way To Communicate

Snapchat: A Crazy Way To Communicate


Snapchat: Decalex

Snapchat is almost certainly the most entertaining way of communicating since…well…talking. It’s almost impossible to not have an abstract conversation, most of the time I receive several entertaining mug shots, with a collective amount of chins uncountable.

The text of course is completely irrelevant and when I’m not receiving mug shots, I’m receiving mug shots of people on the toilet. But avast, the unique selling point of Snapchat arises! You can choose how long you want to image to appear, from 1-10 seconds, as well as this you can add text or draw on the image, choosing from the range of unusually bright colours. Excluding the more entertaining colours such as brown for beards and white for…

So don’t you worry your little cottons socks about your embarrassing mug shots and plop shots, because they’ll be gone in no time at all.

This brings me to the tiny flaw of snapchat. Most of the time you will completely forget what you were talking about, just with the image any memory of what you just viewed will cease to exist if you don’t reply within the next few seconds, as when you click the image the countdown begins immediately and cannot be stopped.

Hurrah. But hey, who cares, just send another mug shot and it’ll all be okay again. In a serious way…snapchat is a great way of communicating efficiently, shots are quick and labelling is easy, and you can tick your contacts to send to multiple recipients. Yes that’s right, mug shots all round!

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