5 Most Recommended iPhone Apps in May

5 Most Recommended iPhone Apps in May


5 Most Recommneded iPhone Apps in May
With so many apps losing users during the last winter, there has been a big question on whether or not developers are actually leveling off for spring and summer. However, the moment March set in, losses seemed to be lessening. The month of May has proved to be a lot better as it reveals its top five apps based on the number of Facebook shares. Below is the list of the five top rated iPhone apps for May:

5. Do Some Good – Developer: Orange UK, Price: Free null Do Some Good - bite size volunteering on your p... - Orange UK

Now, with Orange Mobile’s new application, Do Some Good, you may use your phone to engage in micro-volunteering activities to benefit your community. There’s no financial commitment or charitable donations involved; what’s best it that the app itself is free. You also don’t need to commit a lot of time as most of the activities are designed to be done in four minutes or less, requiring you to add information to a database, fill in a feedback survey, add locations to a map, or complete a range of other short tasks using your mobile phone.

4. Buddy Rush – Developer: Company 100 Inc.,Price: Free null Buddy Rush ® - Company 100 Inc.

This game is the perfect combination of cartoon-comedy, and it is also an action-packed wizardry application. Buddy Rush unites the iPad, iPhone, and facebook to bring you an entirely new level of accessibility. The game allows you to create a small character through which you’ll experience countless adventures. Furthermore, it combines humour with adventure and is set to steal you away into a fantastical world of Oblins and giant green caterpillars.

3. Dictionary.Com – Developer: Dictionary.com, LLC, Price: Free null Dictionary.com - Dictionary & Thesaurus - Free - Dictionary.com, LLC

dictionary iphone app reviewed

The Dictionary.com app provides all the content you expect from a large, printed dictionary, including word pronunciation guide, word origin, part of speech, and several definitions, when applicable. You also do not need to have internet connection for this application to function. What’s more it that this iPhone app is free!

2. Monsterz Revenge and Why Not to Get it! – Developer: Astro Ape Studios, Price: Free null Monsterz Revenge - Astro Ape Studios

This application is basically Cafe World on Facebook but in Monster form. You are a zombie. Your mission is to unlock Frankenstein, to put food onto your fire and then serve it when it is done. The food can take anywhere from 3 minutes to 1 hour – in the beginning. You may also be involved in its mini games where you match the lightning strikes and bring Frankenstein back together. The best thing about this app is that is absolutely free!

1. Cake Days: The Book vs The App – Developer: Harper Collins Publishers Ltd, Price: £4.99 null Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days - HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

This is the new Hummingbird Bakery recipe book turned into an iPhone application. It shows gorgeous photographs of cakes and cookies, muffins and slices, found within its pages. Also, the app has a unique feature that allows you to clap your hands to move the recipe on to the next stage. In theory this is great, allowing you to work through the instructions without getting your sticky fingers on the technology. As the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book is something you cannot carry around with you wherever you go on a daily basis, the Cake Days app is something that will definitely come in handy in spontaneous moments that requires you to impress someone with your baking skills.

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