10 Very Cool iPad 2 Accessories And Cases

10 Very Cool iPad 2 Accessories And Cases


10 Very Cool iPad 2 Accessories And Cases
Ok, so you’ve got yourself a brand new iPad 2 and you’ve had a nice play around with it and realize that you need some extras to keep it exciting; well, you’ve come to the right place. To help keep that flame alive, we have compiled a list of funky cases, interesting add-ons and a particularly fun little gaming joystick! Have a quick glance at our list of 10 very cool iPad accessories and cases.

1. LuxeLeather Zebra Snap-On Case

Any animal enthusiasts out there, this one is for you. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, (or herd?!), then check out this snap-on case which is designed with a form fit wrap in leather look, boasting a polycarbonate shell. Consisting of durable high-grade material, the LuxeLeather Zebra iPad Case gives you an anti-slip grip which lends it a more comfortable feel. The zebra pattern is really stylish and for 8 bucks, makes this case an absolute steal.
Price: $7.99
Link: LuxeLeather Zebra Snap-On Case

2. Angry Birds iPad 2 Case

If you’re a lover of the Angry Birds iPhone and iPad app, (and, let’s face it, who isn’t?!), then you absolutely have to get this Angry Birds case for the iPad! With a clip-on design and full access to all the ports and camera hole, this will ensure that you are the most stylish and funky gamer down at the pub! It’s a really funny design and definitely not for those who want to blend in to the crowd, but if you have an extravagant personality then you are bound to love this.

Price: $49.99
Available at: Gear4

3. ThinkGeek’s Tablet Arcade Stick JOYSTICK-IT

If you’re a big kid at heart and love to play video games on your iPad, then re-live the days of the classic arcade by getting one of ThinkGeek’s JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick. By sticking it on the virtual on-screen joypad on your iPad’s touch screen the JOYSTICK-IT will control a multitude of apps and games that are compatible, such as racing car games and shoot-em-ups. What I like about it is how lightweight it is, making it great for transportation and storage. Let the fun begin!

Price: Single $24.99 / 2 Pack $39.99
Available at: www.thinkgeek.com

4. Large Waterproof Case/Pouch iPad 2

Large Waterproof Case Pouch iPad 2

OK, so this may not be the hardest case on the list but for anyone who enjoys playing Angry Birds while snorkelling, this one’s for you. This case is waterproof up to 5 metres and comes with a simple to operate, clamp and twist, lever-sealing system. The pouch case is designed to cover and protect your device with a snug fit; it will also allow easy access and storage by sliding the device through the open end.

Link: Large Waterproof Case/Pouch iPad 2
Price: $36.95

5. iPad 2 Accessories – Smart Cover

The new iPad 2 smart covers are absolute genius! The cover easily clips onto the rim of the iPad and the cover uses magnetic touch to sit perfectly over the iPad screen, as the magnets are built into the case. It protects the iPad screen and cleverly wakes the iPad each time the case is lifted. Once the case is closed, you hear the click sound to reinsure the user that their iPad has gone to sleep.
It is very thin, with a profession look and feel so it matches the new iPad 2 perfectly! The smart cover flexibly folds to create an instant stand for watching films, photos, typing and playing games or for the many other uses of the incredible iPad 2.

It’s available in leather and polyurethane material and comes in a range of colours so you can add a personal look and feel to your iPad at the front, whilst leaving the aluminium back free to show off the Apple image and camera. Both materials contain microfiber lining, in order to keep the iPad screen clean. Smart Covers all look and feel amazing, so no need to look any further as Apple have conveniently created the best cover to match your iPad 2. Perfect!

Price: Leather £59.00, Polyurethane £35.00.
Link:iPad 2 Smart Cover

6. The Walkabout – iPad Premium Leather Case

This case is a bit of a beauty, and a tough beauty at that! By fusing together moulded plastic and touch screens with a layer of strong, supple leather, the Walkabout iPad case is hand-crafted design performed at a very high level. The two magnets on the leather cover are a nice touch as it holds the casing tight over your iPad’s screen, protecting it from the world’s extremities.
Price: $59.99
Link: The Walkabout – iPad Premium Leather Case

7. Brasso Gadgetcare: A Great Cleaning Accessory For iPhone and iPad

Brasso Gadgetcare

The people from Brasso have been in the cleaning business for over 110 years so it’s safe to assume that they have acquired a fair bit of cleaning experience during this time. The brand has made a recent foray into the tech business with Gadgetcare the answer to the sticky fingered texters/tweeters/facebookers etc among us. The Gadgetcare package comes with 50ml bottle of cleaning gel and a microfiber cloth to protect the screens you clean. The product supposedly features the following three pronged attack on your filthy electronics:

1: It cleans & shines – as aforementioned this is something that I can attest to. I have tested Gadgetcare on my laptop, phone and television and they all, despite abuse no electronics should have to endure, look brand spanking new.

2: Anti-Static Technology – As well as cleaning Gadgetcare claims to contain “anti-static” which is used to repel dust particles which means you will keep your gadgets cleaner for longer.

3: Armed with Silicone – Gadgetcare also comes equipped with a thin layer of liquid silicone which is the heat resistant rubber like substance used to coat and protect your device from your drunken 3:00 am text fingers.

The price at £4.99 seems more than reasonable for keeping your prized electronics in ribbon winning condition and I personally am a sold customer on its merits simply due to the fact I can now see my computer screen. I just wish it could clean my office without me having to move a finger.

Price: £4.99
Link: Brasso GadgetCare

8. Impact Protective Crystal Shell

The shatterproof case is completely clear and is made from the same scratch resistant polycarbonate plastic that’s used to make protective eyewear. This ensures that it gives your iPad the best protection available; if it’s good enough for your eyes, then it’s good enough for your iPad.

Link: Impact Protective Crystal Shell
Price: $26.95

9. HandStand for iPad

Another sensible but ultimately very useful iPad accessory, the HandStand fixes itself on to the back of your iPad and provides a strip of comfortable material for you to link your hand through, enabling you to keep your other hand free for typing and swiping. That’s not all though, the HandStand also raises the iPad off the table at an angle that is comfortable for viewing both vertically and horizontally which makes it great for desk use. Like I said, sensible but very useful.

Available at: thehandstand.com
Price: $49.95

10. iPad 2 Clear Armor

The fact that this case comes with a lifetime warranty shows how confident its makers are in its durability and standards. It actually isn’t a hard case, so much as a hard film that protects your screen from anything that life could throw at it. Consisting of the same material used to protect Apache Helicopter blades from damage during Desert Storm, Clear Armor certainly is tough enough for any type of battle your iPad 2 may encounter.

Link: iPad 2 Clear Armor
Price: $24.99

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  1. I love the Handstand for the first iPad; and, now, I’m delighted to report that Handstand for iPad2 is another winner! Just like the original Handstand, Handstand for iPad2 is the best solution for one-hand operation that I have tried.


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