5 Mobile Applications That Help In Increasing Online Sales

5 Mobile Applications That Help In Increasing Online Sales


Increasing online sales, a tough challenge indeed. But something companies can tackle with the right strategies and tools in place. But first, it is important to understand how your business can finally arrive at the stage of increasing online sales.

You need to make sure that there is enough engagement (which should never be enough) on your website. That is possible, if you have the following:

  • Engaging content that does not dictate but speaks with your audience
  • Constant brand messaging that helps your business establish your aim among the visitors through all its existing pages
  • Tools like live chat software that help to engage visitors in real-time
  • Proactive team members who are ready to tackle any question that comes their way

Now besides the website being so great with WPX Hosting discount you need to make sure that the right apps are used at your end too. These apps should help you:

  • To provide additional flexibility to your employees so they can communicate with your visitors on the go
  • To improve corporate conversations that are done in real-time
  • Assist your managers share updates with employees and vice versa so that no update goes unattended

The implementation of the right mobile solution can also impact many other business aspects. It can boost the number of leads, sales, and accordingly the profits. And numerous companies have already become aware of these benefits.

Still, choosing the right software options require a lot of work and research. To save your time and energy, we’ve decided to show you some highly reliable software solutions with amazing mobile apps, that may help you improve sales and achieve significant business results. Read on and find out more about them.

#1 Pipedrive Mobile App

If you’re already using Pipedrive for desktop, you’re certainly aware of all of its great features. Well, apart from letting you perform a diversity of useful tasks regarding business contacts on your computer, Pipedrive also offers you a great mobile application.

Using Pipedrive for mobile, you can easily create new business tasks and take notes which then instantly become available on your desktop version of the app. Some of the most important features of the mobile app are:

  • The business exploration on a map view;
  • The instant access to business contacts and to-do lists;
  • The possibility of looking up your clients and their profile details wherever you are;
  • The identification of incoming calls (The app uses Caller ID to check if the call may be related to a potential sale).
  • The automatic attribution of calls (both incoming and outcoming) to the activities related to sale leads.

Finally, to use Pipedrive Mobile App, you should already have an active Pipedrive account created using your desktop software.

#2 Infusionsoft Mobile App

Being out of your office doesn’t mean that you’ve ignored the sales and marketing aspect of your business. With Infusionsoft Mobile you stay connected with all the contacts like never before. The mobile app allows you to stay connected with your customers on the go. The app is the perfect way to automate marketing no matter where you are.

There are features like:

  • Contact Management where you can search for customers by first name, last name and email
  • Save to phone that allows you to add contact information directly to your phone address book
  • Add, edit or view all the recent contacts based on interactions
  • Add people in the contact list by taking a picture of their business cards
  • Calling, emailing or texting contacts directly from the existing contact list
  • Add notes to existing contacts and keep them updated
  • Create new tasks on the go so you may never feel that you are away from the desk
  • Write new notes to existing contacts and keep them updated

#3 ProProfs Chat Application

While it’s incredibly important to keep your internal organization of information on a high level, it is also essential to maintain great communication with customers. Only if your prospects find you reliable, you can expect an increase in your sales. And one of the best ways of making the prospects trust you is to provide them with a real-time support system available 24/7.

Not only does ProProfs Live Chat Application for mobile devices let the business representatives interact with customers whenever they want, wherever they are, but it also provides:

  • The system of pre-defined messages and anticipated questions;
  • Monitoring visitors’ behavior on your website;
  • Saving visitors’ profiles and feedback using pre-chat form and post-chat surveys;
  • Records and tracking of messages sent out of the working hours.

With all these features, it becomes undoubtedly easier for your live chat operators to keep the potential customers interested and satisfied. And this is what helps increase the sales volume in the short run as well as the chances of meaningful long-term business relationships.

#4 Salesforce Mobile App

If you cannot imagine running your business using only your mobile device, you probably still haven’t tested the Salesforce Mobile App. In addition to its incredibly useful desktop features, Salesforce offers a diversity of great ways to manage your company from your phone, as well. So, what can you expect from the Salesforce Mobile App?

(i) Improved daily organization.

The app lets you make conference calls in no time, view and edit scheduled events, as well as receive meeting notifications and insert updates on them once they’re done.

(ii) Speeding up the sales process.

The fact you’ll be able to close a deal without even being in your office can dramatically increase your business efficiency. The app gives you instant access to the relevant sales actions while keeping the interface sleek and easy to use.

(iii) Improved team communication.

Using your mobile device, you can create and manage both individual and group chat sessions that can be highly useful for your internal communication. This feature also lets you upload relevant files and photos to the rest of the team, keeping the communication quick and easy.

#5 Maximizer Mobile App

Maximizer represents another highly efficient CRM software with a great mobile app. No matter whether you use a desktop or mobile version, with Maximizer, you can keep track of all customers’ information and their sales pipeline, which will let you act more effectively and close more deals faster. Some of the most important features of this app are:

  • Extremely simplified process of connecting with leads, customers, and contacts;
  • Instant, real-time access to business news and relevant updates;
  • The option of calling business contacts from the app using a phone, Skype, SMS, or WhatsApp;
  • Intuitive Notes section that you can use to type down the fresh ideas or valuable information before forgetting it.

Of course, to access the Maximizer Mobile App, first, you have to create an account on the desktop version of Maximizer.

Wrapping Up: What Apps To Use To Increase Online Sales?

To be able to increase online sales, on the one hand, your business should have an organizational structure that allows transparent and easy communication among the teams and team members. On the other hand, you should also keep track of customers’ profiles, needs, questions, and doubts.

However, the conditions of the modern market require all these tasks to be performed not only during the working hours but 24/7. And that’s why nowadays mobile apps are so important for all serious companies, no matter their size.

So, if you’re not sure which apps to use for the organization of team tasks and internal data, you may want to consider reliable CRM software such as Pipedrive, Workbooks, Salesforce, and Maximizer, while the interaction with customers can be significantly improved using ProProfs Live Chat application. Knowing this, make sure not to waste your time. Explore the apps and find the best mobile fit for your business before your competition does.


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