5 Free iPhone Apps To Keep You Entertained

5 Free iPhone Apps To Keep You Entertained


So, Monday morning has rolled around once again and with it brings the prospect of another week slogging away before we can all kick back and relax over the weekend.  It seems like you need something to keep you entertained until then, so here are 5 iPhone apps that will do just that!

1. PhotoChop – Free, Updated: Jun 09, 2010, Current Version: 1.20, Seller: Pinger, Inc., 3/5


If you want to see what your friend would look like if he was being chased by a bear, then PhotoChop is the app for you.  You can PhotoChop your pictures so that your face is on the body of a well-muscled hunk, or getting kissed by a hot model; by resizing all of your pics you can even put you and your friends into the middle of a safari with a ravenous tiger behind you!

2. DJ Mixer 3 – Free, Updated: Jan 30, 2011, Current Version: 3.4, Seller: MusicSoft arts, 4/5

Superstar DJs, here we go!

You can be the life and soul of your own party as you mix your favourite tracks on this fun little app that turns your iPhone into a set of decks.  DJ Mixer starts your iPhone record collection off with free tracks from Adam Freeland, Bassnectar, Steel Fisher, PENTyRAID and others, with the ability to download more and more free music that will have your headphones sounding like it’s 1999!

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3. Age Calculator – Free, Updated: Mar 23, 2011, Current Version: 2.1, Seller: rise uP! Labs, 3/5

We have all the time in the world...

Have you ever wondered exactly how old you are?  Age Calculator will let you work out exactly how many seconds you and your friends have been on this earth for and will also tell you how many days it is until your next birthday – perfect for letting your friends know when to start saving up for a present…!   A fun little app for killing some time.

4. TimWit – Free, Updated: Jul 20, 2010, Current Version: 1.3, Seller: Timothy J Peckham, 3/5


TimWit is a great little app that brings over 200 funny little cartoons to your iPhone’s screen; ranging from sardonic wit to slapstick comedy, TimWit is fantastic app for getting a giggle out of your coffee break.  Plus, no one has to know that you’re a comic book fan…!

5. Paper Toss – Free, Updated: Feb 11, 2011, Current Version: 1.81, Seller: Backflip Studios, 5/5

Don't let your boss catch you playing this!

OK, be prepared, because this game will rob you of your productivity, creativity, time spent with friends and family and eventually leave you a homeless, jobless, gibbering wreck…in other words, it’s great!  See how far you can stand away from the paper bin and toss your scrunched up notes into it, angling your throw to compensate for the fans and air vents that could throw off your trajectory.  Can be seen being played in dole queues around the world…

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  1. I have wasted hours, which have turned into days bordering on weeks on that damn paper toss game! I can’t escape it…


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