5 Best Apps to Use with Instagram

5 Best Apps to Use with Instagram

Diptic App - Photo by @troyaynes

So, you’ve played around with Instagram’s filters and been impressed with what you can achieve; what other app can make a coffee stain into a work of art? However, there are a plethora of other apps that can make your Instagram images even more fun, exciting and exotic…here are our top 5.

1. Wordfoto – WordFoto - bitCycle AB

As the saying goes, “A picture tells a thousand words,” yet how much more evocative would it be if that picture is literally made up of words? Wordfoto can help you answer that puzzle with their fun and fantastic photo-enhancing app that actually allows you to choose words that will make up your photos. So, let’s say you snap a shot of your beau looking very handsome at the beach, you could enter the word ‘Sexy’ and the photo of him would consist of this flattering word all over the image; alternatively, you could shoot him after he’s had one too many and has passed out with one hand down his trousers and the other round a beer bottle and use the same word, just in a more sarcastic term.

WordFoto iPhone App Review

Whether you choose to be cruel or kind with this app, you can play with colour, fonts and fonts to create a real masterpiece that you can then upload to Instagram.

2. Diptic – Diptic - Peak Systems

This is the app that everyone who’s anyone uses to frame their Instagram pictures; you can add up to five pictures into a single layout and then play around with the border colour and width of the frames as well as all sorts of nifty little techniques such as the brightness, saturation and contrast of the pictures. So, if you get a frame-by-frame shot of your dog pouncing on one of your mates that you’ve set up as an intruder, you can frame the whole action that takes place scene by scene as well as adding a flattering tinge to his petrified face as Fido threatens to tear him a new one. Slap a pretty border on it and share it with your Instagram followers as well as any other social media feed, directly from your app. Who’s a good boy then?!

Diptic iPhone App Review

3. FX Photo Studio –FX Photo Studio - MacPhun LLC

There are so many apps that seem to add separate, infinitesimal differences to the appearance of Instagram photos that it seems prudent to group all of the effects into one app, wouldn’t it? The developers of FX Photo Studio certainly seem to think so as they have created an app that can adjust image settings such as hue, saturation, gamma, colour splash as well as supplying users with over 190 filters and effects with which to tinker with your pictures. For a collective app, I’d say that FX Photo Studio has the vast majority of the market share…and yes, it costs just 0.69p. And you were waiting for what, exactly?

Slow Shutter iPhone App Review

4. SlowShutter- Slow Shutter Cam - Cogitap Software

If you’ve ever wondered how those trance CDs from the 1990s got all of those crazy light patterns beamed on to the front of them…well, it clearly wasn’t through this app as it was invented a couple of decades later. Nevertheless, SlowShutter can let you create the most beautiful nighttime pictures by using video mode on your smartphone’s camera to give a slow shutter effect that blurs the effect of your shot. The best places for such shots are on a bypass over a motorway or near a busy street, as moving cars’ headlights will blur into a gorgeous stream of light that will take any ex-ravers back to their heyday, as well as making your Instagram shots stand out from the crowd.

5. My InstaAlbum- My InstaAlbum - save my Instagram Photos & share - Positano Cat Studio

If you were ever subjected to a nauseatingly tedious ‘holiday photo album party’ by a particularly boring uncle and aunt couple then you needn’t feel alone in your suffering as it is clear that the developers of My InstaAlbum were the victims of such mild abuse as well; why else would they develop a genuinely fun and useful way of organizing and browsing your iPhone’s photo albums? This app allows you to view your Instagram photos by date, location, tag or filter as well as sharing them on Facebook, Twitter and DropBox. A must for anyone who likes things organized or needs to know that some good came out of Uncle Marty and Aunty Beryl’s two-week trip to Tunisia…

My InstaAlbum iPhone App Review

This article was originally published on Inkifi, a unique website that allows users to print their Instagram photos onto a variety of canvases, frames and greeting cards; users can also sell their art via the website.


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