The 5 Best Apps for Fitness Lovers

The 5 Best Apps for Fitness Lovers


If fitness is one of your main passions, you’re probably always looking for ways to stay motivated and inspired for each workout. One great way to do that is by downloading apps that can help with everything from planning your workouts to sharing your fitness successes with your friends. Here’s a look at the five best apps for anyone who loves to work up a good sweat!

  1. Seven

If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or simply don’t have much time to fit in workouts, the Seven Minute Workout (available for both iOS and Android) gives you options for exercises you can do in just (you guessed it) seven minutes. The interactive guides explain exactly how to do each exercise, and you can also stay motivated by tracking your progress through the app. The best part is that you’ll see results even if you just put in seven minutes a day!

  1. Nike + Run Club

Need help training for an upcoming race? This app (for iOS and Android) allows you to customize training plans based on your pace, the furthest distance you can run to, and how often you can set aside time to train. You can also set your goal for the type of race you’ll be running (5K, 10K, marathon, etc.). Your plan will even change based on how much progress you’re making, so you’ll easily be able to obtain your running goals!

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  1. Beyond the Whiteboard

Is CrossFit your latest fitness obsession? If you’re loving this type of workout, this app (for iOS and Android) can help you step up your game with easy-to-follow instructional videos. You can also keep track of your progress by analyzing your stats. For an added level of competition, you’re able to participate in the leaderboards to help you see how you measure up to other CrossFit enthusiasts. This app also works well for people who need physiotherapy for CrossFit injuries since you can monitor how your workouts are going during your recovery.

  1. ActiveX

If you’re someone who always achieves more with some outside motivation, consider downloading ActiveX (for iOS only). This app allows you to create or join a pack that can help cheer you on in obtaining your fitness goals or just share your successes with your family and friends. Along with the in-app coaching options, this community-based program also means you’ll always have plenty of motivation to show off your sick fitness skills to everyone you know.

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  1. Fit Radio

Fit Radio is an absolute must-have app for fitness lovers who love to crank up the tunes while they burn those calories. This music-streaming app (for both iOS and Android) lets you pick music to work out to based on different genres of music or the type of exercise you’re doing (Zumba, yoga, etc.) – all while providing you with consistent beats that will help you slay your workout!

Download these five apps to inspire and motivate your next workout!


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