The 5 Best Apps for Car Lovers

The 5 Best Apps for Car Lovers


If hitting the open road is one of your fave things to do, you probably consider yourself a true car enthusiast. There’s always a chance to indulge your inner car lover if you download vehicle-related apps. They’ll help you with everything from directions to finding a brand new vehicle to fall in love with. So, add these apps to your smartphone, and you’ll be all set to get behind the wheel!

  1. Waze

Waze has quickly become one of the best traffic and navigation apps on the market. It’s available for free for both iPhones and Android devices, and can instantly alert you to the fastest route to wherever you’re heading. It uses real-time traffic information from other drivers to let you know about things that slow down your drive (like accidents, traffic jams, hazards, etc.). You can even sync the app with your Facebook account, which then allows you to see your friends who are commuting to your destination, so you can coordinate your drives.

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  1. Gas Buddy

High gas prices getting you down? The GasBuddy app (available for free for both iOS and Android) can be a huge lifesaver! All you have to do is enter your current location or zip code, and the app will let you know all of the cheapest gas stations around you. GasBuddy also allows you to filter your results by price or brand, so you’ll always be matched with the stations that fit your needs. The app will keep your wallet happy by sending you alerts anytime there are price hikes, so you can be sure to fill up your tank before the prices increase. The best part is that you can earn points every time you get gas that can end up helping you win cash prizes!


On the market for a new car? Download the app (for iOS or Android) for free, then search cars at all your local dealers. You can look up vehicles by their make or model, and then compare up to three cars to find the best one for you. There are lots of other helpful features included in the app, like a car loan calculator to help you determine what your vehicle costs would be, car reviews, and a search option to discover the trade-in value of your current car. You can even receive push notifications to let you know if a vehicle you’re interested in has gone on sale.

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  1. Openbay

If you’re looking for a reliable mechanic, the Openbay app (available for iOS and Android) is a great option. With the app, you’re able to instantly review quotes, compare prices, and see what the time frame is for the job to be completed. It’s also super convenient to use, because you can book an appointment straight from the app. If you struggle to remember when you last got your car serviced, the Openbay app can help you keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance too. Plus, each job comes with a guarantee that you’ll always receive the very best service every time.

  1. GarageBuddy

If you’re comfortable doing minor repairs on your own, download the GarageBuddy app (for $.99 on iTunes or for free at Google Play). It comes with tons of helpful features, like installation guides, how-to tutorials, and calculators for tire size, belt size, etc. If you’re into customizing your vehicle, the app can also inspire some ideas for upgrading your vehicle (similar to the Ford custom accessories in Canada that you can purchase).

So download these apps today for all your automobile needs!


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