4 Apps That Are Essential For Forex Traders

4 Apps That Are Essential For Forex Traders


For those not in the know, forex is shorthand for the foreign exchange, that ever fluctuating roulette wheel of currencies. Despite never being totally reliable, recent years have seen huge swings and shifts between certain currencies, especially in the wake of Brexit; the pound is now drawing almost even with the euro, which has never happened in the latter’s fifteen year history. With all this change, forex traders need some reliable intel on a consistent basis; these days, that reliable intel can be beamed straight to your smartphone in the form of three essential apps.

1 – NetDania Forex and Stocks

This popular free app, available on both Android and iPhone, is renowned among traders for its simplicity and versatility. NetDania provides users with up-to-the-minute interbank rates, combining info from numerous market indexes and news sources. And it doesn’t just do currencies; all financial tools under the global roof are counted up and assessed, totalling over 20,000 different streams of intel. NetDania also makes it very easy to set up alerts on prices and trends on any currency pairing you like, and allows you to customise the interface to suit your needs.


2 – CMC Markets

This one is the consummate trading app; CMC Markets allows you to access live-streaming prices so that you can keep an up-to-the-second watch on the ups and downs of the market’s; switch on mobile alerts to make sure that you never miss an important update on your portfolio. Place orders from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night with CMC Market app’s guaranteed stop-loss orders, price ladder and boundary orders, all delivered in a streamlined process that makes placing trades as quick and efficient as possible.


3 – FXCM Trading Station Mobile

FXCM offers users a simple, elegant way of keeping track of the forex markets, and all the tools to strike when the iron is hot. It offers a free in-app demo, which lets new users test it out risk free; this makes it the perfect starting choice for those looking to seriously get into forex, but haven’t quite got to grips the ropes yet. Once they’ve got the hang of it, users can place and manage trades on fifty six different currency pairs.


4 –  Trade Interceptor Forex Trading

Trade Interceptor provides its users with one of the most highly-rated currency trading apps available today. It provides traders with a whole host of options, including commodity futures available through a choice of forex brokers, binary options, and the option to trade between any pair of currencies on the planet. It also utilises live streams to keep its users instantly on top of moving markets, and gives traders the option of simulating trades using historical price data.


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