The AvaTrade App: What Should You Expect?

The AvaTrade App: What Should You Expect?


In any marketplace or sector, there are always products that stand out from their competitors. This is even true in relatively standardised industries such as insurance, where it can occasionally be hard to distinguish one product from another.

When it comes to forex or financial market trading apps, AvaTrade represents a true stand-out product. After all, it has a direct affiliation with the independent learning resource SharpTrader, which enables its users to develop their theoretical knowledge while also gaining access to a number of markers and asset classes.

This got us thinking about the app in general, and the other features that may set it apart. Here is what we discovered:

A Look at the AvaTrade App and What to Expect?

In simple terms, AvaTrade is a world-renowned and fully certified brokerage platform, and one that has won numerous awards within the sector. This provides secure access to a number of markets and assets, enabling users to complete transactions in real-time.

At the heart of the apps’ proposition is forex trading, which combines a user-friendly interface with various live charts, advanced analytical tools and real-time news rooms. Traders can also use the app to access more than 50 major, minor and even exotic forex pairs, including popular staples such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY. You can also benefit from up to 200:1 leverage on forex pairs, helping you to experience the full benefit of the marketplace and the features that make it uniquely rewarding.

In terms of alternative assets, traders can also access a host of stocks, indices and commodities through the AvaTrade application. This enables you to develop a diverse portfolio including blue-chip dividend stocks like Amazon, Coca-Cola and Facebook, as well as globally-renowned indices such as the DAX300, the NASDAQ100 and the iconic S&P500. Through the AvaTrade app, you can also leverage CFD trading to benefit directly from the changes of value that occur in leading commodities, particularly silver, gold, crude oil, wheat and frozen orange juice concentrate.

What Else Does the AvaTrade App Offer?

Interestingly, the app is also one of several tools to have focused its efforts around building a mobile community of traders, who can access the very latest in breaking news and analysis while also sharing data with fellow users. The type of user-generated interaction is extremely appealing to new traders, who can leverage the expertise of more experienced investors and grow from there.

The AvaTrade app also delivers the very best in live and accessible customer service, offering accurate, multilingual guidance for users on a 24-hour basis. This reflects the depth and globally accessible nature of the app, while it also ensures that the amount of downtime is minimised at any given point of time regardless of your geographical location.

These additional features have helped to distinguish the AvaTrade app as a true market leader, and one that genuinely stands out from the crowd. This, when aligned with a more generic range of features that include access to a demo trading account, makes for a truly compelling proposition to investors across a huge number of marketplaces.