4 Apps James Bond Would Have On His iPhone

4 Apps James Bond Would Have On His iPhone



Every man in his right mind has fantasies of being James Bond. And no matter what you thought of the latest film outing, Spectre, there’s no denying that Bond continues to be one of the coolest fictional lads on the planet. But how can you be more like Bond? You (probably) haven’t got a licence to kill, so you can’t go around shooting people for money. You (probably) can’t talk your way into bed with any beautiful woman who happens to cross your path. And you definitely can’t get away with wearing a tux 24/7 and be taken seriously. But you can make your smartphone as Bond as it can be by getting your hands on these stylish apps that would no doubt find a home in James’ personal iPhone.

1 – 1Password

Remembering all sorts of complicated passwords must be a huge headache, especially for someone who deals in national security like 007; 1Password makes life easier by syncing and storing all your passwords for your devices and accounts under one master password, so all you have to do is remember one.

2 – Hotel Tonight

We all know that Mr. Bond is the quintessential ladies’ man (though that has evolved to accusations of mysogyny in today’s ultra-P.C. climate), but even he must be stuck now and again for a last-minute place to consummate the relationship. It would make perfect sense that he’d avail of Hotel Tonight, an app which lets you book a single night stay in less than sixty seconds.

3 – Jackpot City

While it’s brilliant to play casino games on a desktop, with sites like Norskcasinoinfo.com, it’s not always possible to do so; sometimes you’ve just got to go handheld. James must have a lot of time to kill as he’s jetting off across the globe, so what better way to wile away the hours than with a few classic casino games at Jackpot City?

4 – James Bond: World of Espionage

An official Bond game featuring the likeness of one Daniel Craig, World of Espionage throws you into the shadowy world of MI6, where you and your agency must fight the forces of evil in true super agent style. World of Espionage is multiplayer strategy RPG which lets you converse and join forces with players around the world. And let’s face it, if you had a game with your face on it, you’d definitely have it on your iPhone.


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