If you liked Dragon City you’ll love World Chef which is out...

If you liked Dragon City you’ll love World Chef which is out now on iOS and Android


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Seen all there is to see in Dragon City and Monster Legends? Well, SocialPoint is back with a brand new resource management game – World Chef.

World Chef challenges you to build the finest restaurant known to mankind right on your mobile. You’ll begin by naming it then hire waiting staff and chefs to serve up delicious food to your first few customers.

Once you’ve turned a profit, you can purchase a bunch of decorations to improve the restaurant’s image and hire the best chefs from around the world.

Chefs share ingredients with their friends, which opens up opportunities for new dishes. As your menu grows, so too will your fame which, in turn, leads to celebrity visits.

Keep these prestigious guests happy, and they may even agree to turn up at a pool party you can host in their honour.

The trick here is to manage your resources well, but there may still come a time when you’re running low on an essential ingredient. That’s when you should connect to Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play Services to trade ingredients with your friends.

You’d be forgiven for believing that all restaurant simulators focus on time management, rather than resource management. World Chef isn’t like that.

Instead, you have to try and build a restaurant up from humble beginnings to a world-renowned eating establishment.

If you like the sound of that, you can get World Chef from the App Store or Google Play.

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