Yoga Apps for Beginners

Yoga Apps for Beginners


The word yoga came from a Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ that stands for “to integrate”. Yoga was founded in the ancient India and has remained relevant for over 5000 years. It has with time, proved to be of positive impact towards the community. For a very long time now, numerous communities for various reasons have accepted it. It has been known for numerous healing tactics to human body and mind. For instance, few people who have been involved in yoga teachings have claimed to have received strong discipline. They went on to state that the disciplines have helped them in numerous ways such as, uniting the body, mind, and soul as it additionally improved their inner experience of meditation. Yoga is not only about the spiritual aspects, but can also posses various physical benefits. Yoga apps can be of great benefit to beginners that have not attended yoga but are interested in joining a class soon.

Fitstar Yoga

Designed for new yoga students, it comes with new and easy yoga poses. In addition, you can easily download your favorite pose in HD videos thus enabling an easy and immediate yoga routines following. Fitstar apps are always accompanied by great background music that will ensure you have the best flow. Besides that, it can be connected with apple TV, which is an added advantage to a detailed glory. This will enable you to see your favorite poses in full details as you go through your teachings. Fitstar is the best app for you if you are looking forward to greater heights in yoga.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket yoga allows you to move from one level to another. Unlike the other apps, it is mobile, in that, it can be carried from one destination to another. This can be a very good idea and especially that it allows you to get yoga lessons such as the ancient relaxing art of stretching and breathing from anywhere. Pocket yoga comes in handy with over 100 poses that are accompanied with detailed audio and video instructions. In addition, the users are able to choose on how they would want their poses to flow. For instance, you can choose between various practices, including their difficulty levels and durations.

Daily Yoga

To get the best out of your prescription, signing up for daily yoga will be the best option. According to sources, it is currently the best as it comes as a complete package for yoga. This means that it has extra tips and tricks on how you can go about your daily routine. It is both a great app for beginners and advanced learners as with its various challenging routines. With over 200 poses, it also comes with great detailed audio instructions.

Universal Breathing (Pranayama)

Universal breathing pranayama is much on spiritual yoga as opposed to other yoga apps. It emphasizes mostly on basics of calming diaphragmatic breathing. It, therefore, contains a simple structured course, but with short exercises. This exercises come with a timer and an additional guide that illustrates various poses. It’s main advantage is that you can adjust the settings according to your preferences while you obtain extra information about the app. Aside from the free version, universal breathing pranayama has a paid version which comes with complex techniques.

In short, it is important to consider checking on these yoga apps for a great start. With most of them being free, it is an added advantage to boost your yoga interests. IOS and Androids are among the few gadgets where you can find these great apps. Try them for edgy yoga poses.


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