3 Free iPhone Apps To Cheer You Up On A Monday

3 Free iPhone Apps To Cheer You Up On A Monday


So, the weekend is over and all you want to do is mope around the office and try to shake off your hangover.  Well, if you are lucky enough to have an iPhone, there are certain apps that will lift you out of the doldrums and boost your spirits so you feel like it’s Friday night all over again!  So, without further ado, here are three iPhone apps that to lift your mood on a Monday!

1. Voice Changer Plus – Free, Updated: Nov 23, 2010, Current Version: 2.1, Seller: Arf Software Inc.

There’s nothing funnier than a man with a squeaky voice ordering a pizza with all of the toppings and insisting that it comes with extra “Cheese!”; well, for a short period, you can be that man.  Voice Changer Plus alters your voice to many different pitches and tones, ranging from robot, whisper and, yes, mouse, allowing you to record a conversation in the funniest voice ever!  Best of all, it’s free!

2. Impossible – Free, Updated: Oct 02, 2010, Current Version: 2.8, Seller: Dmitriy Glebenok

Everyone loves a magician at a party, so why not bring the party to your office!  Dazzle your friends with the incredible mind reading powers of the ‘Impossible Magician’ as he enters your consciousness through the power of telepathy and reveals which card you choose out of a stack of six playing cards.  You may figure it out after a while, but hey, it’s free and you can use it on all of your friends!

3. 18,000 Cool Jokes – Free, Updated: Dec 17, 2010, Current Version: 6.1, Seller: Iliya Yordanov

Everybody loves a good giggle and there’s no better way to cheer up the office crowd with a couple of belly rumbling gags; the trouble is, if you are anything like me then the only jokes that you can remember are the ones that you get each year in your Christmas cracker, that have stuck in your mind because they are so bad.  Well, fear not, for 18,000 Cool Jokes delivers on the promise of it’s title and delivers thousands of very funny jokes straight to your iPhone, ensuring that you are seen as the wittiest person in the room.

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